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Random Musings

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I am new to Blake's 7 and fanfic in general. I have loved scifi/fantasy for along time though; both in print and movies/tv. I especially love the British tv series but never had an opportunity to follow them when they were being released. I'm happy that they are being released on DVD now.

I was not satisfied with the ending of the B7 series and was inspired to write my first fanfic. I haven't been able to stop since. My favourite ship is Avon/Cally. My second favourite is the friendship between Avon and Vila.

Alot of this journal contains my journey in writing b7 stories, along with the rest of my non-b7 life.

As for my non-b7 life, I am a sr. computer analyst who gets sent sent on ex-pat assignments in various countries. My home base is Canada.

Constructive criticism/comments/suggestions are always welcome/very needed.

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