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Random Musings
I can't believe I'm letting the characters push me around again.... 
2nd-Aug-2007 09:57 am

Serves me right for deciding to give all of the characters a storyline in the third story. That's why I'm having problems getting them all to a point where they will end the story where it needs to end, in order to match up with the beginning of story four.

Jenna and Cally are off doing their own thing. Vila and Argus are off with the two mercenaries. I can bring Vila and Argus back; Argus will make sure of that. But J & C are moving towards a potentially more interesting series of events, and don't want to come back yet... Avon is stuck working with a group of amateurs who want to help him escape Servalan, but they are no rebels so they are taking alot longer than I was hoping they would.

Sheesh...I might need to write Jenna and Cally out of the opening scene in story four. But the scene is richer with them in that scene than without them.

The other option is to insert another story between three and four in order to fit Jenna and Cally's extended storyline and give Avon's amateurs a chance to figure things out (Avon's going to really hate spending another story under Servalan's control). Then I would have to figure out what to do with Argus and Vila in the meantime.


Twin Souls
2nd-Aug-2007 09:09 am (UTC)
Argus and Vila can just wait. How much of real life is spent waiting for something to happen. Wait for a bus, you can't shop to go to college until you get your exam results to know which one you're going to and so are you self catering or not, you can't have a party in the summer without seeing which friends are away at different times.

OK, so Argus and Vila won't be doing any of those but there must be an equivalent.
2nd-Aug-2007 09:41 am (UTC)
You're right...Argus and Vila can wait.

Not all the characters need to have a big storyline in each story. That's how I got into the current mess.

I'll go with the second option and slot another story between three and four. It might actually be fun having the guys chase Jenna and Cally around the system for awhile only to find that the women are doing just fine making trouble without them...which they are currently...hehe

And it would be a good opportunity to develop Argus and Vila's relationship through some dialogue. At the moment Vila would like to drop Argus out the airlock...or not...he's sort of conflicted...
2nd-Aug-2007 09:52 am (UTC)
And Avon will just have to suffer a bit more...though he's really starting to complain...

So far he hasn't made much trouble, other than making lots of sarcastic comments and being a magnet for all the new female characters...which is sort of a problem because they can't all do that...
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