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b7 predicament

I had decided to take a break from writing the B7 stories, and ended up coming up with titles for the stories instead! Ack!

Ok...I give up...back to story three. At least they all have titles now, instead of story (incremental number).

I admit, I have run into trouble again with the third story (now called Fighting Back). This time, it's all my fault. Can't blame it on any of the characters.

Why on earth am I writing stories which all follow after each other...argh

My dilemma is this...I'm three-quarters of the way through the story but I'm nowhere near where I need to be in order to link up with story four (Hidden Games) which begins like this:

Looks of shock were reflected on all their faces as Avon shot Argus and then pointed the Federation energy pistol in their direction. They were all in the teleporter room.
“No one moves and no one else will be hurt.”
Ignoring him, Cally bent down to examine Argus who had been hit in the right shoulder and had collapsed to the ground. It was a serious wound but nothing the ship’s medical facilities could not handle if he was treated soon.
“What are you doing Avon?” Cally asked.
“What I should have done along time ago,” Avon replied. “Stay where you are Jenna.”

Avon can't very well do that when I haven't even managed to get him away from Servalan's clutches yet. And I will not resolve it by giving him a clone. That would be too much like cheating...

Argh...might have to rearrange some things.


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