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Yearly Roundup Fic Meme

I guess it's that time of year, time to look backwards before looking forwards.  Time to wonder what it's all been for... 

Here are my own personal highlights of the year fic-wise. I've identified ones for the longer continuing series as well as for the short stories. 

My favorite story this year (of my own):  It was hard to pick just one.

    Of the long series:   
New Patterns and Old Friends ; the first one that started off the continuing series; and Wants and Needs , the mystery was great fun to do as well as bringing the boyz together for the first time.

    Of the short stories: It's always fun to see how Avon reacts to things beyond his control.
   A Machine by Any Other Name  and  Avon, Incapacitated

My best story this year: 
    Of the long series:     Wants and Needs  For the mystery and interaction between the characters.
    Of the short stories:   A Machine by Any Other Name  and Mirror, Mirror  For how the humour worked and the multi-layered punchlines in both stories.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion
    Of the long series:    Needs are Never Simple  The counterpoint of Avon's journey with the Argus backstory.
    Of the short stories: None

Story I kind of wish I'd never written: 
    Of the long series: None 
    Of the short stories: The Conquest of Space An experiment that didn't work that well.

Most fun story: 
    Of the long series: Wants and Needs Again for the mystery and the interaction between the boyz.
    Of the short stories: A Machine by Any Other Name  For Avon's reaction to a circumstance out of his control.

Most sexy story
    Of the long series: Damaged Beginnings  The relationship between two of the characters (Argus and Reya) finally reaches the next level of intimacy but then they fight again; which is what they do.
    Of the short stories: Haven't done one in the short stories. 

Story with single sexiest moment: 
    Of the long series: Chapter 10 of Damaged Beginnings The scene between Argus and Reya.
    Of the short stories: Haven't done one in the short stories. 

Story with single sweetest moment: 
    Of the long series:  There were many nice moments between Avon and Vila in this story. Chapter 20 of Damaged Beginnings 
    Of the short stories: Avon and The Kitten  The story which kicked off the Avon and the Kitten stories.

Most intentionally telling story
    Of the long series: Needs are Never Simple  Exploring needs when it comes to Avon is never simple and the moment of understanding for Argus when he realizes that what he needs is not what he thought.
    Of the short stories: Wounds Still Too Fresh  Jenna has a moment of truth with Blake.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story
    Of the long series and short stories: Haven't done one yet.

Hardest story to write
    Of the long series: Hidden Things  This was Avon's hardest story. It was hard writing him broken down until he had nothing left.
    Of the short stories: Only Death Revisiting GP is always hard.

Easiest story to write
    Of the long series: New Patterns and Old Friends  The kick off story for the long series.
    Of the short stories: Why must it always be a matter of life and death? Inspired by my own travails at the time.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: 
    Of the long series: Broken Things The theme was Avon having a hard time and Damaged Beginnings  starting the journey to recovery.
    Of the short stories: Mirror, Mirror Lots of humour...with a twist.

Things I have learned in writing
    It's great fun to write fanfic for B7. 

Things I really appreciate in writing fic
    The personal satisfaction of the creative process. 
    All the wonderful and enthusiastic comments from readers. It's great to know that others are enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it.
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