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First Fic of hmmm

End of year meme from astrogirl2  
Well, since I've only been writing since May and posting on LJ since July, it's impossible for me to do the first fic of the month. So I have done a modified version and picked 12 from the limited amount of short stories I've done then rounded it out by using the longer stories.

New Patterns and Old Friends 
The President and Supreme Empress of the Federated Worlds was vexed. 
I Do Not Like Watersports 
"I do not like watersports," Avon told Vila in a tone which indicated that he would rather be caught naked running through the corridors of the Liberator rather than indulge in wet fun of any kind. 

For Anna 
I was a fool, thought Avon. 

Why must it always be a matter of life and death? 
Why must it always be a matter of life and death when this device breaks down? thought Avon as he picked out a tool from his tool kit. 

Hidden Things 
Avon opened his eyes. His head was throbbing and his ears were ringing. The unfamiliar surroundings added confusion. 

The Collection 
"The locals say this place is haunted," said Vila. 

Avon and The Kitten 
It's not right," Vila muttered to himself as he came down the steps onto the flight deck.

Only Death 
As Avon lay dying in the tracking gallery, he was vaguely aware of the Federation troops moving around him, checking the bodies for signs of life. 

 Avon has a Vacation 
When Avon expressed his desire to have a quiet vacation somewhere by himself, the flight deck became deathly quiet. The idea of Avon requesting such a human thing was so inconceivable that Cally immediately asked with concern, "Are you feeling alright?" 

A Machine by Any Other Name 
Cally reached the top of the steps leading down to the flight deck. She was about to make her way down, when a familiar object came whizzing by her ear and hit the wall beside her. 

Mirror, Mirror 
"Ahem." Vila cleared his throat and said carefully, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" He felt silly saying it but no one else had volunteered; namely not Avon. 

Avon, Incapacitated 
Avon had accidently saved another race of people from extinction. Again. 

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