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Random Musings
At the airport 
15th-Dec-2007 10:36 am
It is 11am and I am at the Taiwan International Airport. My flight leaves at 1pm. 

I did manage to get four hours sleep. I will try to get some more on the plane.

Nothing much to do except eat and surf on the net. Am somewhat bored so I've been looking for stuff to do. Decided on creating another poll.

EDIT: It's almost 4pm and I am at the Hong Kong Airport now. Will be going to the boarding gate soon. The winter storm still looks like it's going to hit Toronto =P

To those who have been looking for the Kitten to appear, I do have to extend my apologies. 

I have tried to fit Anna in the story series but it has not turned out. Cats and dogs can be very bossy and take over. Well, virtual ones also seem to have that ability. *sigh* Attempts to include the Kitten have changed the nature of the stories too much. So at this point, until I can figure out a less disruptive way for the Kitten to be included, she will not appear yet. 

But I would like to get some feedback on this.

As well, as the current Wants an Needs story nears the end, I am planning for the next one. I have to change some things because of what happened in the current story. As I am doing that already, I would like to give people reading these stories some input. Hence this poll.

As you may have noticed, the chapter posts have slowed down; partially due to preparations for going home and because there is alot going on in the last few chapters and it's tricky to handle.

I aiming to finish the current story before Christmas.

Poll #1106366 The Kitten and Perceptions Series Questions

What is your preference for the Kitten?

I want to see the Kitten in the longer series eventually if you can manage it.
I prefer more ad hoc short AU Avon-Kitten stories.
No more Kitten please.

For the Other selection above, do you have another suggestion?

The inclusion of Ture and Allren in this story is the due to results of an earlier poll. Are there other characters you would like to see back?

This story has mainly been about two things, the mystery and the growth of the relationships between many of the characters. Which of the interactions would you like to see more of?

Avon - Vila
Avon - Cally
Avon - Argus
Avon - Sester
Vila - Jenna
Avon - Argus - Sester
Full crew scenes
Argus - Sester
Argus - Reya
Avon - Argus - Sester - Reya

Any other relationships I haven't explored yet which you would like to see?

Twin Souls
15th-Dec-2007 03:51 am (UTC)
that was quick kalinda!! have a safe and turbulence-free flight!!

i don't exactly care for turbulence too much (moderate turbulence makes me wish i was on the ground already!).

anyway, have sweet dreams during the flight! i am looking forward to chapter 33!


15th-Dec-2007 03:58 am (UTC)
Thanks. A turbulence-free flight would be nice. Though there is now supposed to be a winter storm hitting when I arrive in Toronto. Aargh.
15th-Dec-2007 04:33 am (UTC)
a winter storm???

you better hope that your connecting flight to toronto is not delayed...otherwise it's slow going for you.

and you don't want to be kept waiting for hours at the airport either. however try to keep an eye on the weather report out of toronto when you get to your connecting airport...and don't forget to look at the departure screen when you get there as well.

good luck...and happy flying!

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