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My Writing Guidelines

It has been very interesting reading about the rules other people follow in their writing process. Here are some of the rules I try to follow when writing.

1    Develop a framework and high points for the story and let the characters decide how to get to it.
2    If the characters want to take a detour, let them; even if it means reworking  the story. They usually come up with something even more interesting. 
3    If the characters don't want to cooperate, there usually is a good reason.
4    Try not giving smart characters obvious comebacks.
5    Keeping a timeline if you're developing a complicated multi-threaded story, saves much grief later on and helps you keep track of where everyone is supposed to be in the story.
6    Develop a good back story for each main character but don't use everything in it. 
7    Let the story write itself; but don't forget where you started and where you're heading towards.
8    Always maintain the internal logic of the story and of the characters, even if the logic makes no sense in the real world.
9    Every character has a motivation. Try to find it. Especially if the character has anything significant to do in the story.
10   Evil characters usually do not believe what they are doing is evil. Try to find at least one redeeming quality.
11   You don't have to give all the main characters something significant to do in a single story.
12   Try to break up the tempo in a story by mixing lighter moments, action, character development, drama, etc.
13   Developing a backstory for the story also helps give it depth.
14   Always have fun. If you're not having fun anymore, it's time to either change the story or put it down for awhile.  Or abandon it if you have to be that drastic.

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