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Random Musings
Haven't posted much RL stuff in awhile. 
28th-Nov-2007 01:38 pm

Most of my time lately has been taken up doing story stuff and the NaNoWriMo challenge.

Went to the Taiwan Handiraft Centre for farewell gifts for people leaving the project. It's sort of depressing that so many people will not be coming back. And some of them are actually leaving the company. Normally people go on home leave and then they come back. By the end of the year, only half the team will be left.

I am giving serious thoughts to leaving as well. If it weren't for the client and wanting to see this project come to some kind of conclusion, I probably would have by now.

I'm really looking forward to going home for three weeks. Taiwan is a nice place but after almost four months being away, I'm getting very homesick. Not looking forward to the cold though. They already had an ice storm last week; although it has all melted now. 

I will also be visiting my sister in Regina for a few days over Christmas. Going from cold to colder....brrr. Really looking forward to seeing her and her husband; and all my friends in Regina. 

When I was booking the flight to visit my sister, I was shocked to find out that a three hour flight from Toronto to Regina actually costs as much as a 14 hour flight flying from Toronto to Hong Kong. It doesn't seem right somehow. Fortunately, playing around with the dates resulted in a slightly cheaper flight. But I'm flying on Christmas day!!!

Typhoon season is supposed to be over but they still seem to be forming in this region. We haven't been hit by another one but we have been getting lots of rain. At the moment there is a dislocated tropical storm (Hagibis) over the Phillipine Sea which has made this week very dreary.

Got a bit carried away shopping for Christmas gifts at the Handicraft Centre. I've got so much gift stuff to bring home, I might need two full sized suitcases =P

Storywise, it's been great fun writing the Wants and Needs story; building the mystery and doing character development. Haven't decided if the next story will follow the arc or be about something else because of what's going on with Vila and with Jenna in the current story. Their stuff was actually unplanned. Having lots of fun doing the dialogue right now for the next couple of chapters because the major characters for this story are finally together.

I guess I didn't have enough to do =P so I also did up a character index, attached to the story indices. Included some of the back story stuff I developed for some of the main characters.

I'm really glad to finish the NaNoWriMo story. Definitely not something to write home about but at least I am finished now.

Twin Souls
28th-Nov-2007 12:38 pm (UTC)
Yes - we had friends visit from Chicago a few years ago and flew on Christmas Day as it was cheeper - It is only a date on the calender - you can celebrate Jesus Birthday a day lte! ... And with your family - which will be a great party. Cold ... but it means you can have a snow-ball fight! I had one with my brother 2 years ago - the only time it has actually snowed on Christmas Day here ... Even though we all love singing "Im dreaming of a white Christmas"

Well done - Glad you finished the NaMo ... were you glad you did it - would you do it again? I must get organised ... and don't remind me, but I have said that before!!
28th-Nov-2007 12:47 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I am glad I did the NaMo. I love challenges and I find it boring if I'm not stretching myself in some way.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas with my family. I can miss many holidays but I refuse to miss Christmas with my family.

I don't know about being ordered per se. My life is more like ordered chaos.
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