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B7: New Patterns and Old Friends/Perceptions Story Series - Character Index

Link to:   New Patterns and Old Friends Story Index  

Link to:   Perceptions Story Index

Main Characters
Kerr Avon- Computer engineer and multi-disciplined analyst; a genius whose strength is solving problems; born an Alpha class
- Killed Blake on GP due to a errors made by both Blake and himself
- Is haunted by many things (Blake's death; Anna's death and betrayal; abandoning Cally by mistake; the death of his brother etc.)
- Cynical attitude towards the human race; a lifetime of being used and betrayed has scarred him
- After GP, underwent 3 years of torture and being used by Servalan at the Federation Special Detention Centre (FSDC)
- Was rescued and has joined the Justice crew
- Servalan spread the knowledge that he killed Blake; she also spread rumours that he was working for the Federation and betrayed Blake and the Scorpio crew. As a result both the Federation, the rebels and others hold him responsible for what happened at GP.
- Is currently trying to recover from what was done to him at the FSDC (various psychological/mental/physical effects of prolonged torture, manipulation, drugs, incarceration and conditioning); has to take various drugs to counteract damage which was done to his mind; has a knee implant which was a device Servalan used to torture and control him
Drel Argus- former Federation Land Commander in the commando forces; is a natural leader and gifted fighter; duty always comes over personal concerns; always takes care of those under his command; would rather sacrifice himself first before risking others; highly disciplined but is a disaster in personal relationships
- born an Alpha class
- had a military life chosen for him by his parents to enter Space Command
- conflicts with his family caused him to chose Land Command instead, becoming a commando and eventually rising to the rank of Commander
- the inconvenience of having a conscience limits his career potentials in the Federation military; he will not sacrifice his men on pointless missions and prefers to find less damaging ways of fulfilling his missions
- his refusal to follow the normal Alpha staff grades also caused great conflict with his family
- feels uncomfortable out of uniform
- was involved in the civilian massacre at Zircaster, with Travis; quit his commission in disgust and ahead of a court martial which was meant to use him as a scapegoat; his men helped him escape and paid the price with their lives; has been on the run ever since
- joined the rebels to overthrow the Federation; became a rebel leader with his own group
- is haunted by a life spent being a killer; esp. the civilian deaths at Zircaster and the death of the men who helped him escape; is driven by guilt
- is the acknowledged leader of the Justice along with Avon
- has a very close relationship with Reya Reve
Cally- a telepathic alien from Auronar; though her telepathy is confined to her own people, she can sense emotional states in others and can sometimes project her thoughts into non-Aurons if they are receptive; has always had a special affinity to Avon, which has been partially enhanced because of their growing relationship
- former freedom fighter who joined the Saurian Major resistance and later Blake's band of reluctant rebels
- good fighter and serves as a field medic; in later stories she begins studies that will give her a physician rating
- is fiercely loyal
- was thought dead by Avon at Terminal but her special Auron healing ability to suspend life function saved her
- was "rescued" from Terminal by Servalan's troops and placed on a penal planet
- Servalan later used her to trap Avon into exchanging himself for her; was tricked by Sester into revealing information about Avon and as a result does not trust anything he says or does
- has joined the Justice
- is haunted by the genocide of her own people, guilt for revealing information to Sester which he subsequently used on Avon, and always feels a sense of loneliness because of the lack of the mental fellowship she used to have when she was on Auronar; the discovery of her close mental has helped relieve some of this loneliness
Jenna Stannis- a former celebrated smuggler; cynical and most like Avon
- found and re-joined Blake after Star One
- was thought dead because of a story Blake told Tarrant, but it was only part of the test; in reality was working in Sector Ten with Olean Rane and the Overlord Feltar Reve in order to establish a rebel base in the Athol Territories
- joined Argus after Blake was killed by Avon
- holds Avon responsible for Blake's death even though she knows it was a mistake; is haunted by many things which happened after Star One but has not been revealed yet
- has joined the Justice
- many complications arise for Jenna because of her growing hatred for Avon
Vila Restal- a master thief and pickpocket; can open any lock; claims to have bought his Delta class rating; shows common sense as well as a personal aversion to danger of any kind; does not like weapons
- was one of two survivors of GP (the other one being Avon)
- after Servalan obtained the only piece of useful information he possessed (that only Avon knew where ORAC was), he was conditioned to reinforce Servalan's lie that Avon betrayed Blake and the Scorpio crew and was allowed to escape after a tracer was implanted in his back so that Central Security could use him to trap others; ORAC caused the tracer to short circuit
- hid under the alias of Gan Lason and worked as a freelance master thief; was recruited by Argus to help with a job and ended up joining his rebel group, where he caught up with Jenna again
- has a fondness for alcohol and soma in order to relieve the stress of constantly being in danger
- has a complex relationship with Avon; both witty banter and at times nasty; they both respect each other and hold each other in disdain, depending on the circumstances
- has joined the Justice
Reya Reve- Commander in the Athol Territories; joined her younger brother, Borel in the civil war in Sector Ten
- gifted fighter and leader; security specialist and a sharp shooter;
- like Argus, duty always comes first and is a disaster in personal relationships
-  very independent and has a hard and cynical attitude
- haunted by a lifetime of being hated and rejected by her father (though he never told her why); at best he ignored her; she learned to fend for and take care of herself
- protected her younger brother Borel and supported him when he chose to enter the military against his father's wishes. Her father had wanted Borel to become more ruthless and ambitious. She supported Borel even though it meant coming into more conflict with her father and even risking exile.
- worked with Argus when he helped Borel;
- later joins the Justice in varying capacities
- has developed a very close relationship with Argus
Servalan- former Federation President who was deposed and now has regained her power
- took on an alias as Commissioner Sleer in order to survive while everyone who supported her were either killed or removed from power; cold-bloodedly killed anyone who could expose her cover; was head of the Federation project to use Pylene-50 to regain its empire
- spent a lot of time and resources in order to gain enough power to regain power; building a financial empire (with Avon's unwitting help to steal gold; developing her own personal security force loyal to her; developed a close relationship with key resources in Central Security etc.
- was always loyal to the Federation, to the point of reporting Kasabi for rebel leanings while a cadet
- born an alpha class in powerful family which fell victim to unscrupulous crooks; resolved never to be a victim again; became cold-blooded, hard, amoral, treacherous, and self-seeking; is also highly intelligent and capable of very detailed and effective schemes to manipulate others
- fell in love with Don Keller when she was young; but didn't realize that he considered his work more important and easily abandoned her; she resolved never to be that vulnerable again
- has a strange relationship with Avon; she is attracted by him and cannot leave him alone; seeks to control him as a form of love; constantly tries to hurt him because she loves his strength; tries to use him because she needs someone who will work with her; and repeatedly tries to kill him because she fears his ability to destroy her and disrupt her plans.
Charles Sester- the top senior psychostrategist in the Federation; top percentile among the Alpha grades and is known as the most gifted psychostrategist of his generation
- was entered into an elite Federation program that trained 'special' children
- has a taste for danger and excitement, which is why he loves working with Servalan
- his life has been spent playing games; has a love for speed chess
- he believes that what he does is necessary and that the Federation is necessary
- has an unparalleled record in predicting complex behaviour and psych-casting which involves a sophisticated projection of future events; manages other psychostrategy teams
- was originally brought in by Servalan to break Avon; later helped her develop a strategy to trap and control Avon using nightmares, drugs and conditioning
- as with all psychostrategists, views others as puppets; developed a respect for Avon and did not like what he had to do to him for Servalan
- was instrumental in providing the information to free Avon from Servalan's control
- later Servalan uses him as a liaison with the Justice crew
- because of what he did to Avon, Avon is very hostile towards him; repeated attempts by Sester to help Avon recover have not changed Avon's negative attitude towards him
- Sester also has a contentious relationship with Argus, for various reasons
Justice- the new ship for the crew; a former Deep Space Vehicle 5, "appropriated" by ORAC from the Altans; named the "Justice" by Jenna
ORAC- sentient super computer which was hidden by Avon on Gauda Prime;
- was sought after by Servalan and the rebels; all of whom tried to extract the information from Avon
- was retrieved by Avon and the crew and is now aboard the new ship
Secondary Characters
AlberayS1(01)rebel doctor; killed when Fed Security shut down Argus's rebel group
Bain Dam' Fernes S1(01)Prime Minister of Biliar which joined the Federation and offered the use of a new techno-virus to replace Pylene-50; was ordered killed by Servalan; betrayed by his friend and Vice Premier Yven Robet
BavisS1(01)Commissioner of Cooperation Project
BenderS1(03)Admiral in Space Command; head of task group which was ordered to find and destroy the Justice; failed and was demoted
Blue LeaderS2(02)An alien who led a group of aliens trying to take over the planet Papos and perhaps have a wider agenda. He and his people have a special interest in Avon and try to capture him for testing, along with others.
Borel ReveS1 (02,05,
Youngest son; least ruthless and most principled; served with distinction as a general with the border protection units; is involved in civil war with the army units which are loyal to him; but only because his father would have expected it; is helped by his sister Reya; is currently helping Kameron Reve
Brena TylerS1(03)professor; an expert in the fields of advanced energy phase physics and time distort theory; worked with Avon in a 4 team research group to develop the phase-TD engine; tried to help Avon escape but was caught; current whereabouts unknown, presumed dead
BrinaS2(06)Little Brina. One of the hybrid human-Auronar children whose genetic mother is Galena/Vanora. Currently on Kaarn.
Charles Tarvin  S1(01)Controller, senior member of the Central Security Bureau (CSB)
CorryS1(01)Servalan's young and able personal assistant; has been with her since she regained Presidency
CracerS1(04)Owner of a cyber-cafe in a seedy commercial district on Rygellus in Sector Three, the Gilan system; Avon used his equipment to contact Servalan; had his memory wiped and was sent to penal colony after his involvement with Avon was found out
DainS2(06) to currentLt Dain and the Atholian soldiers joined Argus in S2(05) but Dain was not mentioned by name until (06). He is a serious, level-headed young man who helps provide leadership to the Athol contingent. He has unexpected talents that do not show up until the next series.
DaytoS2(02)Senior Controller on the planet Papos, works for Federation Security but has his own agenda. He later tries to pressure Sester into working for him.
DelanS1(03)senior Fed ship engineer; area of expertise is advanced flight engine design; worked with Avon in a 4 team research group to develop the phase-TD engine; born to delta parents but rose quickly in Fed ranks; superior practical knowledge; memory of working with Avon wiped
Delik GellS1(05)music store owner and purveyor of information; betrayed Jenna, causing her to be captured by Myler Reve; was blackmailed by Myler Reve and later Jenna; charming rogue
Deryal Klesson S1(03)lieutenant at the Fed Banking Complex where Argus's group stole the LC crystal; was former corporal in one of Argus's commando groups; discovered Argus working under alias and tried to stop his plans; killed by Ture & Allren after he shot Argus
EkronS1(03)professor; area of specialty is advanced propulsion theory; absent-minded academic; snob; worked with Avon in a 4 team research group to develop the phase-TD engine; has worked with Avon on other groups
Ellis ReveS1(02)Middle son of Felter Reve; ruthless and devious, has become extremely powerful because of help by the aliens of Star One; seeks to destroy his brothers in order to become Overlord in the Sector Ten; has the support of some of the most powerful overlords in the region
Enges TureS1(02,03) S2(02,03,04)tech mercenary used by rebel groups, has worked with Argus's group; computer expert whose expertise is breaking into computer systems; quiet geek; partners with Tam Allren
Feltar ReveS1(02)Overlord of the Athol Territories, assassinated; gave permission for Jenna to build a rebel base
FlaysonS1(01)ex-Fed military; a rebel working with Argus's group; killed during a trap on Tingash
ForenS1(03)Security Commander at the Fed Banking Complex where Argus, Vila, Allren and Ture stole an LC crystal
Galena/VanoraS1(07)S2(06)Kameron Reve's lover who was kidnapped by Ellis in order to force him to withdraw from the civil war in Sector Ten; her storyline was resolved in S2(06).
Senior Healer with Borel's group at his base on Zirgon; old friend of the Reve family; has a fondness for Reya and Borel
GarodS2(04)Male host on Pleasure City for Cally & Reya.
GorenS1(03)Doctor; senior medical specialist at the FSDC; charged with Avon's health when he was prisoner there
GormanS2(03)Senior Central Security agent who was working in the same Sector that also contains the planet, Papos. He was called in by Servalan to help on the planet when she developed a distrust of the security personnel there.
HentS1(03)Commander of Elite guard unit under Olean Rane; his unit was lent by Rane to help Argus in rescuing Avon
Investigator, TheS2(01)A mysterious figure that appears in the first story of Perceptions. There is no information about this figure other than it is very curious and is extremely powerful. It can create realistic illusions and can transport people instantly from place to plae using no visible means. It's stated mission is that it is investigating humanity, though it's unknown for what reason. The Investigator left a warning before it left, to be very careful of the aliens. It also indicated that the crew of the Justice would be crucial in a coming conflict.
Kameron ReveS1(02,06,07)
Oldest son of Feltar Reve; ruthless but fair; was forced to stay out of the civil war while Ellis tried to destroy his brother Borel; Ellis had kidnapped his lover Galena (who is still missing); has the support of the most powerful families in the region
KernS2(04)Lead Project Manager of the Imaging Research Division on Pleasure City; asks Avon's help when Sevisia & his crimmos kidnap his boss & try to take PC by force
LambrinS1(07)psychostrategist assigned to team in Sector Ten; old friend of Sester; heavy set man who looks like a gangster but has refined tastes
Lantro NimS1(03)long-time smuggler acquaintance of Jenna; captured Jenna and Cally on commission by Ellis Reve; agreed to help Jenna cause trouble for the Fed by disrupting trade lanes; by fostering a dispute between the Shovoan smuggler group who had killed his bond-mate and betrayed his smuggler group, and the Amagons
Laxon S2(04)Servalan's CS operator on Pleasure City; passed on her secret order's to Argus
Latham S1(01)brilliant scientist; Science Commander currently working on techno-virus at Department Four of Medical Research
LeleaS1(02)Olean Rane's close personal friend; keeper of an inn on Athol Prime
MaxleS1(05)young soldier in one of Ellis Reve's infiltration units used against Borel; sergeant Tain's protege; killed by Argus
MaynerS1(07)Captain in one of the elite teams assigned to work with Argus and Reya
Myler ReveS1(05)Overlord Reve's ambitious and cowardly brother; helped Ellis Reve by blackmailing Delik to have Jenna captured; Jenna escaped and warned him to go into exile; later helped Jenna with information on Ellis in order to find Galena, Kameron Reve's lover
Olean RaneS1(02)chamberlain of Feltar Reve in the Athol Territories; helped Feltar build his power base; now is a neutral observer and enforcer of the peace during the civil war
OthelloS1(02)new top undercover agent replacing Bartholemew (who had been Avon's lover, Anna Grant)
PaltyS2(03)A young thief that helps Cally and Avon on Papos.
PannerS2(04)A scientist on Pleasure City; and with Lead Project Leader, Kern asks for Avon's help
PrakeS1(01)ex-Fed Death squad; part of group which rescued Argus & Avon from FSDC; killed when covering Argus's group on GP
SerellaS2(04)Hostess in Pleasure City for Vila, Ture & Allren.
SevisiaS2(04)Psychopathic leader of crimmo organization on Pleasure City.
SatoS1(01)rebel engineer; killed saving Tess' life when rescuing Argus from FSDC
Sheldon GreneS1(03)brilliant computer analyst and professional troublemaker; involved early in rebel activities against the Fed; former lover of Brena Tyler, asked by her to help rescue Avon which they are not successful in; also involved in Argus's plan to disrupt Fed Banking; is looking for the missing Brena Tyler
SmithsonS2(04)Owner of Pleasure City whom Sevisia forces to transfer ownership to his crimmo organization; was tortured brutally; rewards the Justice crew generously
T-ManS1(03)Bar owner who helped Brena Tyler find Sheldon Grene
TaceS1(07)psychostrategist assigned to team in Sector Ten
TainS1(05)old sergeant in Ellis Reve's service; one of Ellis's infiltration units used against Borel; captured Argus and developed a good relationship with him; was killed by Argus when Tain was ordered by Ellis to kill Argus
Tam AllrenS1(02,03) S2(02,03,04)tech mercenary used by rebel groups, has worked with Argus's group; computer engineer; partners with Enges Ture
TanceS2(04)crimmo who works for Sevisia on Pleasure City; tried to force information from Vila
TarksonS1(01)Professor; respected leader in the area of psycho-drug therapy at the Federation Central Clinic; mentor of Dr. Alberay; forced by Federation to be a mole; betrayed Argus's rebel group, which resulted in their destruction
TauS2(03)Space Commander who arrives on Papos to restore order after the Blue Leader's aliens leave.
VerantS2(04)Sevisia's crimmo 2nd in command on Pleasure City; killed by Argus
Tess SmithS1(01)rebel working with Argus, providing computer expertise; younger daughter of wealthy board member of one of largest arms cartels; patron of Argus's group, providing financing; died due to injuries sustained on GP while on mission to retrieve ORAC
VesS1(03)Admiral in Space Command; headed up task group to find and destroy the Justice after Admiral Bender failed
VorshellS1(07)psychostrategist assigned to team in Sector Ten; youngest of the team in Sector Ten; cynical and loves the privileges involved in being a psychostrategist
YorkS1(03)senior Fed ship engineer; area of expertise is advanced flight engine design; worked with Avon in a 4 team research group to develop the phase-TD engine; frustrated scientist; natural ability to bridge the gap between theory and practical design; memory of working with Avon wiped
Yven RobetS1(01)friend and betrayer of Prime Minister of Biliar; assumed PM role with Servalan's help
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