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NaNoWriMo Update

Haven't done this in couple of days. It's Day 22 of the NaNoWriMo challenge. Writing-wise I am nearing the end. Whew. I will be glad when it is finished.

Word count = 47,462

Wants and Needs story readers info...

I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far. Has everyone figured out what is going on yet? Can someone tell me please? hehe...just kidding. Actually you should already know most of what is going on by now. There are only a few things that have yet to be revealed.

Just an FYI to let everyone know that I will be slowing down a bit in posting the next couple of chapters.

Normally I try to keep a buffer of about 3 chapters between what I post and what I am working on. That way it gives me an opportunity to adjust timelines and tinker with details if I need to. For some reason, I've started posting each chapter within a couple of hours of finishing them. With where we are in the story, with so many of the plotlines starting to merge closer together, I need that buffer again. That way I will avoid the kind of mistake which reapermum was able to catch.

Thanks reapermum. As always you are very helpful.

If anyone else has spotted something or would like to make a comment about something, please let me know. I will not give any spoilers but I will reply about anything else. Thanks, it is greatly appreciated.
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