Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

A great start to the weekend

The project team went to a nice "authentic" Italian restaurant called Cosi-o-Cosi Trattoria Italiana last night to celebrate the "go-live" of the system which occurred last weekend. The sole Italian on our team was very happy so I guess it was "authentic" enough. We saw an Italian cook in the kitchen. It was funny hearing the Taiwanese waiters speaking to him in Italian when passing on the food orders.

Wonderful food. Freshly made tiramisu. Lemoncello. Fantastic flat crusted pizza. Excellent service. It was wonderful.

Tonight a colleague is taking a couple of us to a place called Mamm Goz. It is supposed to have authentic French cuisine from Bretagne. Really looking forward to it.

Going to go to the Taiwanese Handicraft Centre tomorrow to pick up some gifts for people who are leaving the project. This place was a wonderful find. It's got three floors of beautiful handicrafts of Taiwan. I'm going to start my Christmas shopping early...

I am currently busy trying to finish off the Damaged Beginnings story but I am also thinking about what I am going to do for the next one.


Good food, shopping, LJ and Fic = wonderful weekend ahead


It seems that Anna may have had some influence here... And now I will have to try to decide how to incorporate Anna without her taking over. I am playing around with things I can do with either the first or second options. (and reapermum, I will also be incorporating your idea as well).


Anna ("The Kitten") Poll Results
3   Include her in the main story
2   Do more ad hoc stories with Anna
1   Give Anna her own series
0   One story with Anna is enough
1   There should be more cats


Get her fixed.
Give her to a little girl.

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