Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Very grouchy

 A colleague from Toronto brought a huge tin of Tim Horton's coffee for us this week. Yayyy! I went to make a pot this morning, only to find that the pot from the coffee maker was missing. Looked all over for it (cupboards, garbage cans, etc.) and asked around. No one has seen it since about 10pm last night.
hmmm so either someone took the pot (but left the coffee machine?), borrowed the pot without informing anyone, broke it without leaving a note or something else diabolical...
So I am very grouchy without my Tim Horton's coffee fix this morning! *grumble grumble*

EDIT:  entropy_house, I have finally gone back to the main story. FInished off chapter 18. Working on 19. But that kitten will not go away. *sigh* I refuse to include it in the current story. 

will not...will not...will not...

Though if I do, it will have to be different from the Avon and The Kitten story (yes, it's "The Kitten" as opposed to "the Kitten") since it seemed to have healed Avon all by itself in that one. Did I say that the kitten will not be included in the story... And I refuse to give it its own series.
Tags: rl

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