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I wish someone had warned me...

When I originally started writing my first B7 story, New Patterns and Old Friends, it was only because I had just finished watching the Blake's 7 series for the first time, and was not satisfied with how it ended. I imagine that lots of people out there had the same reaction.

Originally I only intended to write a short story, but the whole thing soon got out of hand and I ended up with something the size of a small novel!

...then my more fanfic-experienced friend warned me that it could become addictive. 

Oops too late...

After finishing with the first story, I was still not satisfied because I realized that I left too many things unresolved.  So being a person who can't let things go, I started the second story; but so many elements started weaving themselves into the story that it was getting too large and I had to split it out into a third story...


I am currently blocked on the third story about half-way through because there are several things I can't quite figure out yet and one of the characters just refuses to cooperate. I'm thinking that this is starting to get a bit weird when the characters seem to have a life of their own.

I knew where I wanted the third story to end, even though I couldn't quite figure out the exact path yet. Unfortunately for me there were parts of the storyline which were not blocked and they seemed to be going beyond the planned end of story three; which I had not intended.

Honestly, I had planned that the third story would be the last one, and I had hoped that by then, I would have gotten all of this writing out of my system, but no such luck.

I am finally resigned...I can't get the stories to end...more ideas keep weaving themselves into the storylines.

...although, I must admit that part of the reason is that I am having alot of fun writing some of the dialogue.

So at the moment, I am working on story four, at the same time as story three!


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