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Five from the closet - or looking for other old shows which were good and I may have missed

Name five old non-mainstream genre shows which you liked. (This rules out B7 and B5...) 

Here's my list:

1   Dead Like Me   (Darkly funny comedy about death and it's got Mandy Patinkin) 
2   John Doe          (What if you knew everything about everything; but you also have amnesia?) 
3   Millenium          (Dark and poetic; and it's got Lance Henrikson and Terry O'Quinn) 
4   Taken                (Both epic and personal; about alien abduction and it's affect on 3 generations) 
5   Threshold        (About an alien invasion to come; it tries really hard and had some good ideas and characters but didn't hit it off. I liked it anyways.)

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