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New Patterns and Old Friends Stories : The Argus and Reya Saga

I am including part of the journey I have gone through with the creation of some of the characters in this story series; specifically Argus and Reya. From the dialogue you can see how some of the scenes in the stories came about.

The start:
I had created two female characters and they both had fallen for Avon. I was determined to create one who didn't. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

Writer:    Alright it's time to create a strong female character that does not fall for Avon.
Avon (very cynically): Good luck.

Creates Reya. So there...

Avon looks at character: There is going to be trouble.
Me:    You're just sore that she's not going to fall for you.
Avon: Suit yourself. Remember I did warn you.

Argus looks at character: hmmm I really like her.
Writer:    NO!!! You cannot have her.
Argus:   But she's right there.
Reya:    Who is this guy? (Decides not to like him because she knows that was not the intent of her character.) 

Reya starts giving him a hard time and Argus takes her abuse.  
Writer:    But your character is not supposed to take that kind of treatment from anyone!
Argus:   But I really like her.
Writer:    Argh!!!
Reya:    He is kind of cute. Can I see him without his shirt on?
Writer:    NO NO Nooooo!! (*sigh* writes in shirtless scene)
Argus:   Does that mean you like me?
Reya:    No.
Argus:   Huh?
Reya:    Can I throw something at him?
Writer:    Who has this kind of crazy relationship?
Arg/Reya:    We do! Now shut up and keep writing.
Writer:    *grumble grumble grumble* At least the ones who fell for Avon, I could kill them off. (writes in a bottle of water for her to throw)
Argus:   Don't you dare!
Reya throws bottle to him in story.
Argus: Hey you almost hit me with that!
Reya:  You caught it, didn't you? *heh*
Argus:   Okay. You're starting to annoy me now.
Reya:    Then go away.
Argus (horrified): No!
Writer:    But you just met her!!!
Avon: (cynical and smug) Serves you right for trying to create a female character who does not fall for me.
Writer:    *SIGH*
Dealing with a delicate matter...
Writer:    Well, are you two ever going to sleep together?
Writer:    Hello?
= = = = =
Writer:    About the question I asked before...
Argus:   Which one?
Writer:    What do you mean which one? I only asked you one question. And where's Reya?
Writer:    Hello? Argh!!
= = = = =
Writer:    Alright you two. We're going to discuss this even if I have to tie both of you down.
Rey (cynically): Yeah, right! And how do think you can do that?
Argus:   Come on Reya. Let's stop giving her a hard time.
Writer:    Thank you!
Reya:    I never agreed
Writer:    (gives Reya a dirty look)
Reya:    Alright alright, if he can do it, I can.
Argus:   Don't do it for me.
Reya:    I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing it inspite of you.
Argus (very confused): What?! What's that supposed to mean?
Reya:    *heh*
Argus:   Stop that! You're only supposed to confuse me IN THE STORY!
Reya:    And who set that rule?
Argus:   *sighs in resignation*
Writer:    Are the two of you quite finished with your comedy routine?
Reya:    What do you mean?
Argus:   She thinks we're trying to avoid the question.
Reya:    We are.
Argus:   We are?
Reya:    Get with the program Argus.
Argus:   Could you let me know these things in advance please?
Writer:    *sighs in resignation* You're not going to sleep together yet are you?
Argus:   No.
Reya:    *heh*
= = = = =
Writer:    You kissed each other! I thought you weren't going to do that!
Reya:    Well, it was hard not to. He just made me cry.
Argus:   I did not! She's the one who's separating us.
Reya:    And you went along with it!
Argus:   There's the battle coming and ...
Reya:    You want to go play hero again!
Argus:   I did ask you to come with me.
Writer:    About that...You weren't supposed to ask her that.
Reya:    He doesn't get it.
Argus:   What don't I get?
Writer:    You're not supposed to be so sappy.
Argus:   But it's going to kill me not being with her!
Reya:    It is?
Argus:   Don't pretend that you don't know.
Writer:    Oh no.
Avon (looking over my shoulder): Do you want some help?
Writer:    What are you doing here? And when did you start volunteering to help? Aren't you busy with Servalan?
Avon:  She's sleeping.
= = = = =
Writer:    What do you want now?
Reya:    I want to discuss the sex thing.
Writer:    Now?
Reya:    Well, it's not that we don't want to.
Writer:    Then what's the problem?
Reya:    We're just afraid that once we start, we won't be able to stop. And you won't be able to handle it.
Writer:    You're kidding me. Where's Argus?
Reya:    He doesn't want to talk about it with you.
Writer:    What do you mean I won't be able to handle it?
Reya:    Well, you want to keep these stories GEN right?
Writer:    Can we talk about something else?
Reya:    You're the one who started it.
Writer:    *sigh* So the two of you have been giving me a hard time so I won't have to deal with it?
Reya:    Yes.
Writer:    When did the two of you start working together?
Reya:    It was inevitable.
Writer:    Does this mean you're going to start agreeing in the stories now?
Reya:    No. It's too much fun arguing. Argus says that if you're willing to make it a bit more explicit, then we'll do it. Otherwise we won't be able to enjoy it. Avon and that snake might accept it but we won't.
(Servalan from far off: Watch it!)
Writer:    OMG *holds head in hands*
Avon (over my shoulder): I am not helping you with these two.
(Servalan: Get back here Avon!)
Avon: Can you make her less demanding? How about making her cry?
= = = = =
Avon: She's crying. But now I have a problem.
Writer: Now you tell me...Ok I'm taking that part out.
Avon: But it still happened.
Writer: What do you mean it still happened? It can't if I take it out of the story.
Avon: But I remember it.
Writer: What!!!
= = = = =
Writer: Okay one of you is going to get captured.
Argus: Make it me.
Reya: Oh no you don't.
Argus: It's better if I do it.
Reya: You're always trying to be the hero. I'm not standing for it.
Argus: Is the person captured going to get hurt?
Writer: Yes.
Argus: Then I'm definitely not having you do it Reya.
Reya: Stop trying to protect me!
Argus: Look what if you get to rescue me.
Reya: Well...
Argus: And I'm really really grateful.
Writer: I was planning that anyways.
Reya: Ok.
= = = = =
Argus: You had me shot again! On the same shoulder! This is getting embarrassing!
Writer: Well...ooops?
Reya: Stop being such a baby, Argus.
Writer: Thanks Reya.
Reya: Don't mention it.
Argus (mumbles incoherently)
= = = = =
Writer:  About the sex thing.
Argus: Have you made a decision?
Writer: No. Not yet. I'm just lucky that your response wasn't 'ewww'.
Argus: Why would we say that?
Reya: Yes, why would we say that?
Argus: We are consenting adults.
Reya: Yes, we're adults.
Writer: (looks at them suspiciously)
= = = = =
Start of Damaged Beginnings Story
Reya:  Why are we not together in this story?
Writer:    Well Argus left you at the end of the last story remember?
Reya:  This is not acceptable.
Argus: I agree with Reya.
Reya:  You don't have to agree with me.
Argus: I know I don't have to. I want to.
Reya:  I'm not finished being mad at you yet.
Argus: What did I do?
Reya:  YOU LEFT ME!!!
Writer:    Oh no.
Servalan: They're amusing
Avon: If you like that kind of thing
Writer:    Stay in your corner you two.
Servalan: Let's see how she manages this.
Writer:    Shut up!
Writer:    Alright Argus and Reya...how about if the two of you get to talk to each other?
Reya:  Can I continue giving him a hard time?
Writer:    Yes.
Reya:  It's not ideal but can accept that, for now.
Argus: Do I have a say in this?
Reya:  No
Argus: Ok
Servalan: She has him wrapped around her little finger, doesn't she. I like strong females.
Avon: This is inhuman.
Writer: This is not a spectator sport you two!
= = = = =
Damaged Beginnings:  Chapter 10
Reya: Oh, are we finally doing the scene?
Writer: Yes.
Argus: Why am I the only one in this scene right now?
Writer: Be patient.
. . . .
A little later...
Argus: Why am I almost naked now? And I'm still alone?
Reya: Shhh. Quiet Argus. She said to wait.
Argus: You're enjoying this, aren't you?
Reya: Now why would I do that?
Argus *grumbles*
Reya: You're making growling sounds
Argus: I am not!
(Servalan: Growling sounds? That's cute)
Reya: Go away Servalan!
Argus: I am not doing this with an audience!
Reya: Ohhhh
Argus: What? Hang on a minute! What do you mean "It was beautiful to watch him?"  Change that line right now!
Reya: But you are beautiful.
Argus: I am?
Reya: You are to me.
Argus Alright you can keep that line.
(Avon: I believe this is making me ill. I'm leaving.)
Writer: Avon doesn't like it. I think I'll change it to "mesmerizing" instead.
Reya: Keep swimming dear.
Argus: Alright.
Reya: Wow.
Argus: What?
Reya: Nothing dear. Keep going.
Argus *grumbles*
Reya: Am I showing up soon?
Writer: Very soon.
Reya: Good. Uhhh...(whispers) can I attack him first?
Writer: What?!!
Reya: Well...all that muscle...
Writer: And you want to see it up close and in action? I thought that was the whole point of this exercise?
Reya: That's a different kind of exercise.
Writer: Do you really think it's a good idea?
Reya: Believe me. He'll like it.
Writer: Alright.
. . . .
A little later...
Argus: Why is she attacking me? I thought we were supposed to be doing something else.
Writer (to Reya): I thought you said he would like this?
Reya: Well, not right away. Wait a bit.
Writer: Now you tell me.
Argus: Is anyone going to answer my question?
Servalan: This is interesting.
(Avon from a distance: Don't even think about it, Servalan.)
Writer: Why are you still here?
Servalan: Research
Writer: Research?
Servalan: Just go back to what you were doing. I won't bother anyone.
Writer *shakes head*
. . . .
The fight...and more
Argus: This is fun.
Reya: You see? He likes it.
Argus: oh
Reya: He really likes it. Now don't move, Argus.
Argus: hmmm?
. . . .
A little later...
Reya: 'He closed his eyes and enjoyed her attentions???' How come I'm doing all the work?
Argus: You call this work? Besides, you attacked me before. I think I should get to enjoy it.
Reya: Oh no you don't!
Argus: oooohhh
. . . .
Reya: That was incredible.
Argus: hmmm
Servalan: That was disgusting.
(Avon from a distance: You're just jealous. Now leave them alone.)

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