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I'm really starting to hate the traffic in Taipei...

I was walking into work this morning. Had made it about the quarter of a way into an intersection. The light was green, there was plenty of time on the pedestrian light; when all of a sudden, a public transit bus comes tearing around the corner, headed straight towards me. I know the driver sees me. We make eye contact. But the guy doesn't even slow down and continues coming towards me. At this point I was not relishing becoming another traffic statistic so I quickly backed up, and nearly avoided another car which was just tearing around the corner as well, inside the turn of the bus....

#@%)(%*@%&!@& I hate Mondays!

It's a good thing I wrote the b7friday challenge already...I don't know what else I would have done with a title like The Conquest of Space with the mood I am in now... *&#%^*&(

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