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New Patterns and Old Friends - Chapter 18 (END)

Last chapter of New Patterns and Old Friends

To be continued...Broken Things


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After they were clear of danger, Avon and Jenna began making a comprehensive check of their newly acquired ship.


Avon stood in front of the Zen computer's visual interface and requested "Zen, all flight deck systems, full status checks. Standard priority listings."


"Confirm standard priority listing."




As Zen began the report listing, Argus and Vila entered the flight deck. Avon had his back to them, listening intently to the report and entering values into a hand unit.


Argus nodded silently to Vila, who again palmed the activator unit Avon had left near his flight console.


"Argus?" Jenna had looked up from her console and spotted them. The looks on their faces gave her alarm. "How is Tess?"


"Zen, pause" Avon stopped the computer systems check and turned to listen.


Argus did not reply. He did not make a sound but his very presence radiated something disturbing.




"She died, Jenna, we were too late, there was nothing we could do, " he replied. The grief on his face was apparent.


They all fell silent. Tears started flowing down Jenna's face.


"Tess wanted you to have this."  Vila walked over to Avon and handed him the equipment bag. It was received without a word.


Argus asked, "What's our status?  Where are the Federation pursuit ships?"  There was no emotion in his voice.


Avon informed him, "We are safe for now, we managed to outrun them. Jenna and I are doing a full systems check."


Argus brought his right hand out from behind his back, he was holding a laser pistol, he pointed it at Avon.


"Good. Then we have time to deal with a few things."


Jenna exclaimed, "Argus, what are you doing?  Avon saved our lives."


"Yes, and it's how he did it which bothers me." He was speaking to Jenna, but his eyes were on Avon.


"We used each other Argus, " Avon told him as he moved towards his flight console.  "That is all."  He was still holding Tess' equipment bag.


"You deceived us about ORAC, " Argus accused him.


"You are trying to act surprised."  Avon noted dispassionately.


"I will never trust you."


"I'm glad things are clear. Can I get back to the systems check now?"


"Tess died!" Argus was shouting, his gun hand did not waiver, "Did you not hear?"


"I have excellent hearing."


"You don't care for anyone except yourself, do you?"


"Raising your voice will not bring her back and neither will hysterics."  He did not see the activator, again. He looked at Vila, who was trying to avoid his eyes.


Avon sighed. "Argus, you're an idealist. Do what idealists do and make sure Tess' sacrifice was not in vain."


"And what are you going to do?"


Avon stared at him, "I'm going to get back to the systems check."  He walked back to the visual interface.


"Are you going to answer my question?" Argus pressed the issue.


Avon turned back to him. "I am going to go somewhere the Federation will never be able to find me."


"And how do you think you can do that without ORAC and this ship?" Argus asked.

"Even if you avoid being recaptured by the Federation, do you think you can escape the entire known worlds?  Everyone thinks you betrayed and killed Blake. They think you sold out the entire rebel movement."


"Can we skip the preamble and get to the point?  I assume you do have a point and that this is not just an irrational display of grief."


"You will help us destroy the Federation, or I will make sure that you will be hunted for the rest of your life, no place will be safe for you."


Avon looked at him emotionlessly, "I'm disappointed, Argus. Jenna and Vila should have told you by now that I do not respond to threat."


"And what if I told you that it is safer for us if I killed you right now, instead of letting you go free?"


"That is not the reason you want to kill me."


"You're right. It's not, " Argus prepared to fire at him.


Avon waited. He could see the emotions as they pass over the other man's face.


Argus glared at him, it was a contest of wills but it wasn't between Avon and Argus. It was a battle between Argus' anger, grief and desire for vengeance and his realization  that they needed Avon. He was first and foremost a leader and like Blake before him, he realized that, a helpful Avon, regardless of motive, was a powerful ally.


You have Avon, ORAC, and the best ship in the known worlds. Don't disappoint me big brother.


Argus lowered the gun, the anger and grief he would have to deal with later, and the vengeance. There were many more important demands on their attention, personal issues would have to pushed aside, for now.


"Help us bring down the Federation, and I will ensure your name is cleared, "  he offered.


"And ORAC and the Deep Space Vehicle?"


"That can be discuss when the Federation is destroyed."


Avon hesitated, then said, "Agreed."


"I still don't trust you."


"We've established that."


"Know this Kerr Avon, there are things to be settle between us and one day I will settle them, but that can wait too."


"Zen, record the following voiceprints, " Avon told the computer, he looked expectantly at Argus.


"Drel Argus"


"Vila Restal"


Avon instructed, "From now on you will obey their requests and commands."


The computer replied, "Confirmed."


*** THE END  ***


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