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More things I did while I was bored...

List your ten most favourite scifi/fantasy shows.

01    B7                    (of course!)
02    Sapphire and Steel (so enigmatic...but who on earth are they and what the heck is going on)
03    Dr Who            (new and old)
04    B5                    (love the arc and how the characters grow)
05    Firefly              (a western in space-complete with train robbery)
06    SG-1                (it kind of snuck up on me)
07    SG: Atlantis    (McKay McKay McKay...)
08    Buffy                (she kicks butt...and Spike! and Giles!)
09    Eureka            (Town of supergeeks who could absentmindedly destroy the world)
10    Smallville       (Superman as geeky teen and other super beginnings)


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