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Back to reality!

Just arrived back from Boracay. It was an amazing trip.

Early Saturday morning took a plane from Taipei to Manila airport. Then a smaller one to Kalibo airport. Then a bus ride to the boat jetty. Then a boat across to Boracay. Then another bus ride to the resort.

Not quite planes, trains and automobiles...but close.

It was very rough seas when we got there and stayed that way for the whole long weekend. For the watersports, we went to the other side of the island which was calm and beautiful. The water was spectacularly clear. Blue-green water and powdery white sand.

Went snorkelling the first day and had fresh seafood by the beach. Discovered a fantastic bar called the Hobbit House. All of the waiters were under four feet. They served great drinks and had wonderfully relaxing live music...jazz, blues, nothing past the 80s...the musicians/singers were fantastic. Ended up going there every night for at least an hour or two just to unwind.

The first night, one of my adventurous colleagues was determined to find the Cocomangas, the home of the "Still Standing After 15". It's actually a popular hangout for locals but also has it's fair share of tourists. The 15 shots were actually shared among the 4+1 at our table. One of us was not a drinker and only drank one. The rest of us polished 29 between four of us. Had lots of fun!

The next day we did the Flying Fish and went for parasailing. The Flying Fish is a ride which is pulled behind a speed boat. When the boat reaches high speeds, it's like riding a bucking bronco. The boat driver tries to see if he can knock you off! Only two of us managed to stay on the Fish...hehe

The parasailing was awesome! A fantastic view of the whole island.

Saw the beautiful sandcasltes which they make everyday. Amazing! Had lots and lots of freshly caught seafood. The people in the Phillipines certainly know how to eat!

Woke up early the last day so I could get some flower pics for my sister...then back to reality!

I've uploaded some of the pics from my camera to google photos. The link below is supposed to get you to it. Never used this before so not sure if it will work...let me know if it doesn't.

Now I'm refreshed and relaxed...and trying to catch up on 4 days of emails and LJ!

Boracay Trip Sep 22-25, 2007


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