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On to Boracay...

 The weather is crappy outside and the weather forecast says more rain tomorrow but I don't care. Nothing will stop me from getting on that plane tomorrow! I am so looking forward to going to the Phillipines and having a nice extended long weekend. The resort advertises internet access but who knows what it will be like. So I don't know if I'll be able to check LJ. Might be suffering from withdrawal...

There's a bar at Boracay which features a "still standing after 15" shooters contest. Some of my colleagues are determined to try it out. I'll be bringing a camera! And it has a handy video function...hehe

Going to La Casita tonight. It's a wonderfully authentic Mexican restaurant in Taipei; which serves great Margaritas by the pitcher...but that's not why we're going ;)

On a roll with story 7 at the moment so it'll be hard to tear myself away from it for 4 whole days. I'll try to post the first two chapters tonight...after I pack for the trip.


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