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Playing Dangerous Games - Chapter 14

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The next morning, Avon and Servalan were having breakfast together. They were still in her bedroom, sitting on the couches on the far end of the room.
"You are very hungry this morning," remarked Servalan as Avon finished off the food on his plate.
"We did expend a lot of energy last night."
"Yes we did." She smiled at the memory. "How would you like to rest today?"
"You don't like being in that cell, do you?" Servalan had watched Avon during his rest periods back at the Special Detention Centre. She knew that they were driving him crazy. It was part of Sester's strategy.
"Would you?" he asked.
"How would you like to stay here, with me? For a few days."
He looked at her suspiciously. "What are you after, Servalan?"
"I have spent an exhausting trip out to the outer planets and it's time for me to take a break. I would like you with me."
So that is why you have been away, thought Avon. It wasn't part of the psychostrategist's plan.
"You want more of last night." He remarked.
"That is part of it." And I enjoy your company, Servalan thought to herself.
"You had better order more food from the kitchens then."
Well, at least it will give me an opportunity to work on you, Avon thought. There are certain things I need.
They had kept him isolated in his work at the lab since the phase-TD engine group. They didn't trust him working with another group again.
Maybe I can get you to change that.
"How are you doing, Argus?" Reya asked. They had been running almost nonstop since escaping the trap. They had only stopped long enough to put a dressing over Argus's wound so that it would not leave a blood trail. She wanted to support him but he had refused her help.
Reya noticed that he was starting to lag behind. He had stumbled a couple of times in the past hour.
"I need to rest," Argus said. His voice was weak, he was sweating profusesly and his face was pale.
You must be bad if you're admitting that, thought Reya. She was concerned about him; but she would not insult him by drawing attention to something he would regard as an admission of weakness.
"Alright. I'll scout back and see if I can spot our friends."
"See if you can find some water," he told her. She nodded. Argus sat down with his back against a tree.
"Don't fall asleep," she warned him.
"I know."
Reya went off quietly.
"Reya," he called out to her.
She turned around and came back.
"Don't leave any tracks. Those men back there. I think they're Federation commandos."
"How do you know that?"
"That trick. Fooling the perimeter sensors. I recognize it. There are not many with that kind of discipline. None in your Territories." Argus spoke in short sentences. He sounded like he was out of breath.
"So they're helping Ellis. No wonder he's become so powerful."
"Be careful."
"I will."
She headed off again.
Argus leaned back against the tree and tried to rest. He didn't even have the energy to check on his shoulder wound.
Can't close my eyes. Have to keep awake.
"You still haven't told me her name," Cally told Kameron Reve as they shared another meal together.
She had been working up in Kam's room for the past week; serving him his meals and generally keeping him company. She was getting a much better picture of this man. He was hard and ruthless when he was working. When he spoke with her, he was very different; he was polite, gentle and considerate. He was like two entirely different people.
He often talked to her about the woman he loved. The most important thing Cally had found out about her was that she was still very much alive.
But there were still three things she had not been able to find out; her name, where she was now and how or why she had disappeared.
There had been no more calls which caused the kind of anger she had before.
"No, I haven't."
"Is there a reason why?"
Kam looked at her but didn't answer. After a few moments, he sighed. "There isn't really a good reason. Just a foolish one. Her name is Galena."
"That's a beautiful name."
"She's a beautiful person. One day, I hope the two of you can meet. I think you would like her."
"What happened to her?"
"That's something I can't tell you."
"But she's still alive."
Cally made an important decision. In her last covert meeting with Jenna, it had been made clear to her that time was running out. Cally knew that Kameron Reve had felt increasingly helpless and frustrated over the past week. He had reached a block and he felt he had no options left. Lately the vidscreen calls had become much fewer. Kam was feeling isolated and was isolating himself. Cally decided that she had enough information to guess what was going on.
"Ellis Reve took her, didn't he?"
Kameron Reve looked at her sharply. Cally could tell that he was instantly guarded and suspicious. He was about to signal for the guard.
"I'm here to help you," she said quickly.
He hesitated.
"Who are you?" he asked.
"My name is Cally, as I have told you. The part you do not know is that Olean Rane sent me."
"Rane? My father's chamberlain?"
"Why did he send you?"
Cally was committed to this now. She decided to tell the truth.
"He was concerned that you are sitting back and watching Ellis destroy your brother."
Kam laughed. "And he doesn't want Ellis to become Overlord? I don't blame him."
"Did Ellis take her?"
"That is my problem. Not his and not yours," Kam said. His voice had taken on a hardness that he had never had before with her.
"I am offering my help."
"I don't need it."
Cally could also be hard when she needed to be.
"Yes, you do. Otherwise, Ellis would not still have her. Let me help you. Let us help you. You know you have run out of options."
She could sense the strong emotions playing across his consciousness, the foremost of which was anger.
Cally knew there was one thing which would make him consider their help. " Would you let your pride get in the way of rescuing Galena? Would you leave her under Ellis's power because you could not accept someone else's help? What do your instincts tell you about me?"
Kam stared at her. She looked so serious and sincere. He did not understand why but he realized that he did trust her. And if Olean Rane was willing to help him…
He started laughing. "You really are very much like her. Alright, what do you think you can do that I can't?"
Someone kicked Argus in the stomach. The blow and the pain woke him. Despite his best efforts, he had not been able to stay awake after Reya left. He brought his hands up to protect himself as the same someone kicked him again. Only his left hand obeyed him. Because of his injured right shoulder, he could no longer raise his right arm.
"He's awake now," the soldier who had kicked him reported to a lieutenant.
Argus groaned. The second kick had been against his injured shoulder.
Reya, where are you?
Argus looked around. He was surrounded by soldiers. These ones wore the same uniforms as the ones who set the trap; but their shoulder patches showed that they were not the same ones.
Two of the soldiers grabbed his arms and pulled him up. Argus tried not to cry out as they yanked on his injured shoulder.
"Where is the other one?" the lieutenant asked him.
"I don't know who you're talking about," Argus told the man.
At least they didn't get you, thought Argus. Stay away, Reya.
The lieutenant nodded to a soldier who was standing beside him. The man stepped forward and punched Argus in the jaw.
"Tell me who sent you." The lieutenant asked.
Argus said, "No one sent me. I'm here for my health."
The soldier began to strike him repeatedly to the face and to the body until Argus hung limp in the grip of the ones holding him up. The man struck one more time, this time against the injured right shoulder. Argus cried out in pain and nearly passed out.
Another soldier approached the lieutenant. "There are no tracks sir."
The lieutenant lifted Argus's head. The rebel leader's face was ashen. His face was bloodied and swollen.
"I know there are two of you. Tell me where the other one went."
"Your information must be wrong," gasped Argus. "I'm alone."
They continued to work on him and he stubbornly refused to tell them where Reya was or who had sent him. As he finally lapsed into unconsciousness he could hear the lieutenant speaking.
"Get the medtech. We can't let this one die. Tace wants to question him."

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