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Random Musings
Back from Polaris 
17th-Jul-2011 09:07 pm

I'm back from Polaris, tired but very happy. While this is ostensibly my 2nd sci-fi convention, it feels like this is the first one.

Ad-Astra was a sci-fi writer's convention which was much more business-oriented. This was mainly fans and was multimedia. It is quite an experience to walk through the corridors and see people dressed as Spock, Kirk (from specific episodes no less), the Ghostbusters, SG-1 soldiers tromping around in military gear, and even the stone angel from Dr. Who. That stone angel was absolutely amazing.

It was also the 25th anniversary for this convention, which was wonderful. Lots of parties.

I feel like my inner fangirl has finally been released.

When you attend a "Dr Who and Mr and Mrs. Pond" panel, and everyone says 'oooh' at exactly the same time because they all know which episode something is from without further elaboration, it's an incredible feeling of unity and love for the show.

Yes, I'm officially a fangirl now. I have the Dr Who sonic screwdriver to prove it.

I attended a lot of science panels that explored various issues on the science of science fiction, from the 100-year space ship to the poisons and drugs of superpowers.

Remember images of science geeks in fandom? Well, they were the ones doing the panels. People who worked for NASA or Canadian aeronautics research, forensics scientists, all manner of scientists. The kinds of people responsible for the hard scifi of the past.

Of course, there were also the actor Q&A sessions. Ben Browder was hilarious. Paul McGillion was a hoot and a teddy bear. Adam Baldwin was Adam Baldwin...er...Jayne. And Armin Shimerman did Shakespeare. Amazing actor. It seems he is also a sci-fi writer.

I managed to make a few connections and pass out some of the author business cards I had made up. I'm still waiting for the Empire bookmarks to get done. There is another conn in November in Toronto and I am hoping to do some pre-release stuff for "The Rebels," either bookmarks and first chapter teasers or I might look into having a booth if it's not too expensive.

Unfortunately, I was only able to attend one book reading. Julie Czerneda. A fantastic sci-fi writer who read from something she is working on currently, something new for her, a fantasy/comedy. I was also very lucky to win an ARC (advanced review copy) of her 2001, "In the Company of Others."

And I just had to get a t-shirt before I left...

I think I'm hooked on conventions now. Such a community of love for the genre. It's amazing and highly recommended.

p.s. There was actually one B7 reference. During the masquerade, there was one entry where they had a bunch of red shirts in a picket line holding up placards. One of them read 'Not Stupid, Not Expendable, Not Going'. It's really unfortunate that no seemed to get the reference, not even my friend who had first introduced me to the show.

Grem_Come out
18th-Jul-2011 07:41 am (UTC)
I am so glad that you had a good time - you have had a tough year ... so good tto see that life is picking up ... and big Yay for a Sonic Screwdriver ... you now just need a teleport bracelet ... or even an Orac!!!
18th-Jul-2011 01:56 pm (UTC)
Welcome to the ranks of convention addicts! "Come. Join uuuuusss."

Very soon your wardrobe will be full of t-shirts produced for just one convention, and your kitchen cupboard overflowing with mugs with the convention logo on them...

But it's all worth it for that 'moment of unity and love for the show'. There's nothing quite like it, is there? I mean, who else are you going to have an indepth discussion with about a specific scene in a particular ep of B5?
18th-Jul-2011 04:40 pm (UTC)
lol I've seen that t-shirt caption on an icon somewhere on lj. Brilliant!

YAY B7 reference!

Conventions always sound so much fun. I hope I get to go to one someday. So glad you had fun. I love the sonic screwdriver. I might get my sister one for her birthday.
14th-Feb-2012 10:36 am (UTC)
Hi Kal, I was looking up the publication date for The Rebels and I found Character Follies. So funny. I like the sound of this Samantha though it's strange seeing Argus (who is so very Argus) with not-a-Reya. Still, fun stuff! Argus is such a puppy. Awww :-)
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