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Avon's Journey

Title: New Patterns
Notes: This is for the round-up. Haven't been on for a while but intended to do this for the New Beginnings and never got around to it. A version of my ongoing PGP stories.

Cally (was close to death on Terminal but her body shut down so that she could heal, Avon thought she was dead because he couldn't feel a pulse and didn't know this)
Argus (a Federation deserter turned rebel leader)
Sester (a psychostrategist)
Servalan (because she never dies)
Jenna (never died because Blake lied, something he does a lot)

In the beginning...
It is a year after GP. Avon has been imprisoned by Servalan and tortured because he refuses to divulge where he hid ORAC. She has let it be known that Avon was working for the Federation, betrayed Blake and killed him because Blake betrayed the human race. She has footage from Star One 'leaked' to the news networks, that first bit where he orders Cally to plant the bombs even though he knew the alien threat was real.
The rebellion is reeling. Some try to deny it. But some believe. They knew how obsessed Blake was and that he would stop at nothing to get back at the Federation even if it meant betraying them all to alien invaders. Half of them objected to his plans to take out Control. The only one who was willing to help him then was Kasabi and she refused to risk her men past the perimeter defences.
The Federation is in turmoil with political assassination rampant and Servalan, who has used the gold to buy her way back into power, is paranoid to the extreme and becoming increasingly insane and murderous.
Vila is lurking in the back alleys on Gauda Prime. The soldiers on GP thought he was dead like the others and left him for dead. He's in bad shape, drinking, taking drugs, doing the odd pickpocketing and burglary.
He can't believe it all went so wrong and is haunted by the scene in the tracking gallery. The insane Blake and Avon, a hurt and broken man who had been betrayed by so many people, that he killed Blake. Vila keeps having nightmares of yelling at them both. How could Blake give such stupid answers to Avon's questions? It sounded like he was confessing. It's not like any of them trusted Blake any more. Especially in those last few months before Star One. Didn't he remember that? Double crosser, wasn't that what he called Blake?
Telling them that he was waiting for them all, after seeing one of his men try to kill the injured Tarrant. Yeah, Blake was waiting for them all alright. To kill them all. At least that was what it looked like. To Avon and the rest of them. And why not, it's not like Blake hadn't tried to sacrifice all of them in the past just to get back at the Federation.
Waltzing in easy as you please with that woman, pointing a gun at them. Friends, my ass. Friends don't point guns at each other or have their lackeys do it. She gave him the creeps she did. The moment he saw her. Even before they found out she was Federation. What the hell was Blake thinking?
At least Avon pointed his gun away from Blake when they were talking. He wasn't entirely crazy though that sound of pain in his voice. Vila winced. It still haunted him. He'd never heard it before. Not from anyone. And definitely not from Avon. It was like everyone who ever betrayed Avon was standing there in Blake's shoes and he couldn't take it anymore. He wondered who Avon saw when he pulled that trigger, was it Blake's twisted face, or Anna? He knew he hadn't gotten over that woman yet. Much to Cally's disappointment.
Avon, his sometime friend. Or so he thought. He hated him, didn't trust him any more after he tried to kill him in the shuttle. But he didn't leave either. He didn't have anywhere to go, did he? But...he had to admit. He'd betrayed Avon more than once to save his own life. A little tit for tat. I guess it was fair. It made them both bastards, didn't it?
But Avon kept him on. He could never figure that part out. And made sure he learned to pilot both ships. Probably to annoy Tarrant.
Oh yes, he was a talented thief. Even Avon admitted that. Worth more than a pilot. But it was more than that. Why did Avon keep trusting him, bringing him down on missions even when he didn't need a thief? I mean, Avon was angry with him. He knew that. Detested him. And when Jenna, with that self-satisfied smirk on her face, told Avon what happened at Star One. How he tried to persuade her to leave them all behind and save themselves. Avon was livid and he glared at him. He could still feel the steely chill of it boring a hole through him.

So, here he was, angry at Avon, angry at Blake, angry at himself and feeling sorry for himself. What was it all for anyway?

And those nightmares weren't the only ones these days. He saw faces. Pale, dead faces staring accusingly at him. All the people he killed with the neutron blasters. Maybe that was why he began drinking. He wasn't made to kill people. He could barely hold a gun even now. He hated the things. But he'd pressed the buttons.

It seemed so easy then. Like the vid games he used to play as a kid. At least that's how Blake described it to him when he first put him on the blasters. But now...he killed people. Lots of people. Hundreds at least. It made him sick. How did he become a murderer? Wasn't that what Gan said? Blake made them all murderers? No matter what happened between them, at least Avon stopped him from killing people. He gave that deadly task to Dayna. His stomach lurched at memory of the beautiful young woman. She had been bloodthirsty enough to use the blasters. It wasn't for someone like him.

He feels a tap on his shoulder. Someone has a job for him. Vila reluctantly goes because he owes a lot of money to some unsavoury characters at the casino. They threatened to break his fingers if he didn't pay up.He meets up with a rebel leader, Argus. They break into the governer's safe to find some data crystals. He overhears later that they contain information to a new drug that might replace Pylene-50. Then Jenna walks in...seems she is involved with Argus's group and she was the one who suggested Vila.

In the meantime, a psychostrategist is brought in to break Avon because the torture isn't working.

And so it begins... 


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