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Hello everyone

Hello. I'm back from the hospital today. Thanks for all your messages, good wishes and prayers. You're wonderful friends.

It was a scary time and completely unexpected. I had pains the last few weeks but didn't connect it with a heart attack because it started in my jaw, down my throat and to my chest. Even my family doctor thought it was an allergy or pre-asthma and prescribed me some inhalers. But it got steadily worse and by Saturday I was having regular attacks of pain, so bad that I was sweating. That was when I decided to go to the hospital (Scarborough Grace Hospital).

Of course, as always happens, the attack cleared up and my blood pressure and heart beat had returned to normal but fortunately, these days, if you have chest pain, they automatically check for heart trouble and thank god they did. An ECG and blood test later, they saw that an incident was happening, which is their way of saying a heart attack. Up went the IVs and saline solutions and a mouthful of drugs. By then I was suffering another attack. But it was happening so quickly and it was so unexpected that I didn't understand what was going on until they called for an ambulance to ship me to a hospital (Centenary Hospital) that specialized in heart procedures.

You're doing what? I'm having what? A heart attack? That was when it hit me. They wheeled me right into the procedure room at Centenary and described what they were going to do. Balloon angioplasty and a shunt. The whole thing took about an hour and I was awake the entire time. I stayed in the Coronary Care Unit there overnight and they transported me back to Scarborough Grace for 2 days for observation before releasing me to go home.

One thing that I've learned is that women have to be very careful about heart attacks. We don't necessarily experience the standard symptoms as men do. i.e. No pain down the arm. It can feel like indigesion or jaw pain. If it persists and gets worse, it's safer to have it seen to.

But I'm back home now and I'll slowly get back into things. Here's a before and after picture of the heart.

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