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B7 The Ends: Amusements - Chapter 05

Category: Humour, Drama
Rating: PG
3rd Story of From the Ends to the Beginning

Introduction: The farce continues...in the bedroom. Avon gets more than a passing grade and the women discover a new cosmetics line.

Note: I can't believe it's been three weeks since the last chapter posting. A lot of things have happened, but I'm starting to get back on track again. Another completely whimsical, slightly deranged, chapter, complete with pictures. Have fun...

Thanks to muscadinegirl for the use of the STUDS poster ;) (The AiT is for you...)

EDIT: Changed the first and second scenes, marked in blue.

EDIT2: Added better pics of Argus. Thanks, vilakins.

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"Rooms," said Avon, his voice grave with accumulated wisdom.

"Yes, rooms," repeated Argus, nodding with serious intent.

Both men loosened their collars, because it was getting pleasantly warm in some places, and Cally and Reya were standing close, almost in their boots, their arms snaked around their perspective mate's waists.

"It would be impolite to refuse our host's hospitality," said Cally, her wandering hands causing Avon to give a startled, barely audible, yelp.

"Oh, yes," said Reya, her fingers feeling the hardness of the gun buckled around Argus's hip.

All four were feverish with excitement, their eyes slightly glazed.

"Here," Argus had just enough presence of mind to unsnap his teleport bracelet and hand it to Avon. "Put this on. I'll…uh…" Those fingers around his…gun, made him groan. "Get to the bottom of the missing one…later…" Reya had their door open and pushed him through. The last thing they heard was a barely audible, "Much later," before the door slid closed.


Snogging opportunities with Cally were always appreciated by Avon, though he would only admit to that under pain of death.

They found their rooms more than adequate, or would have if they bothered to look around. The amorous pair fell onto the bed, their lips already locked together, searching for any areas they hadn’t explored, which really was an impossible task, but they were determined to give it a try.

There was a startled intake of breath.

Avon lifted his head in alarm. “Is something wrong?”

“There’s...” She stared at the ceiling in astonishment, her mouth agape at the wide mirror just above the bed. Avon, his black studded leather jacket unzipped and his legs, encased in tight black leather pants, interlaced with hers…looked amazingly, irresistibly…

She kissed him passionately as the flames within were stoked to blazing hot. "I need…to feel you…" The jacket, a layer of toughness that proved surprisingly supple, was easy to slide off his shoulder. Underneath was a black t-neck, simple, elegant and mysterious, just as he was. She always loved him in it…and out of it…

Like a loving sculptor, she felt his body, traced the lines, feeling, exploring...

He was so…responsive, almost…uninhibited…

That should have given her pause… But her mind wasn't paying attention.

Avon's coldly rational mind was a bit too hot at the moment to even remember how to spell logic and caution had been chucked at the winds before they entered the door…along with their clothes.

It happened so fast, and the feelings and sensations were so overwhelming, she couldn't remember how it happened. There was just heat and the feel of each other's bodies…and the mirror above. He was so incredibly sensual and handsome…the mirror made it seem magical.


Argus and Reya were wrestling, with his stubborn jacket that had a stuck zipper.

"This must be the longest time it's taken you to get my shirt of," teased Argus, crossing his arms and wriggling as he tried to peel the jacket off.

Partway up he became stuck, trapping his arms like a straightjacket. "Reya? Help?" he asked, a puppy-dog smile on his face.

"I think I like you like this." She brushed up against him, wrapping her arms around his body and lightly kissing his lips.

His eyes sparkled mischievously, "And what are we doing?"

In response, she reached down, unbuttoning the exposed part of his shirt, and pulled it out of his trousers. His muscles were rippling waves as he chuckled. "That tickles."

"That wasn't the effect I was looking for." she drew teasing circles down further, a light mischievous grin on her face as she heard him hiss, a breath of heat and desire escaping from hungry lips."You're my prisoner tonight." She tripped his legs and they fell onto the bed together.

"And have I been a bad boy?" he mumbled in between kisses.

"Oh yes, very bad." She smiled.


"Look at this!" Corinne flipped open a flat case in the shape of a heart, and a rainbow of colours greeted her eyes.

Facial cream with moisturizing effect.

No more drying powders.

Guaranteed waterproof.

Makes you look years younger.

"This is perfect for you and it comes in all kinds of colours!" She placed it up to her face and looked at herself in the mirror, trying to imagine the different shades on her skin.

"Are you trying to imply something," said Jenna, bristling.

Crinkles of puzzlement appeared between Corinne's eyebrows. "I wasn't trying to imply anything," she said with as much sincerity as she could muster, which was a considerable amount.

Jenna glared at the young woman, old instincts automatically distrusting such innocence.

The young woman sighed, snapping the lid closed.

"Put that down!" said Jenna, wild-eyed and her eyes sweeping the store.

"What's wrong now, oh wise one?" Kirsten came up, several ribbon-tied boxes in her hands.

 "Don't you see it?" There was such outrage in Jenna's eyes that Kirsten and Corinne exchanged bewildered looks. Corinne shrugged, spreading her hands.

"This is the Avon store!" Jenna shouted, the veins standing out in relief on her neck.

All around them were banners and signs…

Shopping with Avon

Paint it Avon

Look Good, Feel Better…with Avon

The Eternal Magic of Avon

Avon in the Sun

Change Your Life the Avon Way

Feeling faint, Jenna's jaw dropped open, "Oh my god…" How could she have missed it? She must have been blind; she did feel strange.

A smiling young woman approached and handed her a leaflet. Jenna stared at it…

Become an Avon Representative it read in bold letters across the top.

She staggered back, falling against Corinne. "I've died and gone to hell!"


Vila wandered the store, a stack of boxes in attractive flower and tree patterns, in his arms. He kept one eye on Corinne, in case she had more boxes for him to carry, and the other on his wrist chronometer.

Another hour and he could go check out something more interesting.

He wasn't bored thought, far from it. There placed was packed with beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and ages. A virtual cornucopia.

He'd noticed the AVON signs straight away and had quite a few snarky thoughts, which he kept to himself, about AVON's proclivities and the way he always looked the well-turned out Alpha. He always thought Avon used a bit of enhancer.

The beautifully gruff look. A favourite with all the ladies, even the ones who want to kill him. He'd never understood that. What did Avon have that he didn't?

A tunnel drew his eyes. A long dark pathway. He looked around. There were no signs, but it oozed an atmosphere of, 'Keep Out.' Just the place for a curious and enterprising fellow like him to explore.

Glancing around surreptitiously, he shuffled over nonchalantly, pretending interest in a display of glittering eyeliner and another one of Justice-patterned silk scarves.

Have these people heard of copyright? Not that he cared much for the idea but…it felt like someone was making money that should be his.

The tunnel was dim and hushed. Silvery strip lights outlined the door at the end. He pushed open the swinging doors; a woosh of cool air chilled his face.

His mouth dropped open.


Vila raced back to the makeup counter, wheezing and nearly dropping a few boxes. "Avon…Argus…and Avon…and…"

An alarmed Corinne relieved him of the boxes. "What's wrong? Did you see Avon?"

"You don't know the half of it…" He was on the verge of hyperventilating. Vila took Corinne by the arm and dragged her towards the tunnel. "You have to see this…"

Jenna's eyes narrowed and she and Kirsten exchanged looks before they followed.


STUDS - The Ultimate Avon Collection

In recessed alcoves were life-sized figures of Avon and Argus in handsomely accessorized outfits.

Avon in a black leather jacket with non-reflective silver studs along the edge, and black leather pants. Aviator glasses and a fierce snarl finished off the outfit. Not a man to be trifled with, but infinitely watchable.

Avon in a black t-neck and tight red leather pants, holding a deep red glass of wine and with a smouldering stare, right for any bedroom, and with just a touch of hidden danger behind those liquidly expressive eyes.

Avon in a soft-almost creamy-white gi, the collar up and an elegant sash around his waist. It accentuated his boyishly good looks so well that it took the breath away.

Avon in a composite silver leather jacket over a black t-neck, black trousers and silver boots. There was sharp intelligence in every line on his face, and the confidence of a survivor in his bearing.



Along the opposite wall were lines of Argus figurines.

He wore a rough-and-tough ensemble of forest green camouflage pants, with a tight khaki t-shirt. His smoothly bulging chest muscles, ripped abs and sculpted forearms and biceps were all the accessories he needed, apart from midnight black boots. This was no muscle-bound body-builder; he was an artist's rendition of a very fit man with soulful and intelligent eyes.

Argus in a dark brown leather jacket with a worn look and a black v-neck. He had a rough unshaven face and a light twinkle in the eyes.

Argus with a towel draped over his shoulders and skin-tight swim trunks.

"Oh, my," said Jenna, staring at the Argus in Towel. "I…didn't know he could swim…"

Admirers gathered around each life-sized figure, measuring…anatomical correctness…and making orders with the sales staff.



A large vid-screen covered the wall. On it, in split-screen, were two sets of 'performers', two pairs…performing.

The woman tapped lightly on the glass tabletop, making clicking noises with her manicured purple nails. A light smile made her perfectly made up lips almost seem human. She touched a middle finger to the tip of her tongue, wishing it were she enjoying the attentions of the men on the screen. The view was delicious.

Pair number one was almost finished their 'activities', loud moans were diminishing, and their bodies glistened in the softly glowing lights.

"Not bad. Not bad. Needs a little work on the dismount but still, very enthusiastic." She smiled. "Ten out of ten."

In comparison, the pair on the right was a slowly building flame, but she suspected the fire would be an inferno once they reached the climax. The woman touched the screen and the faintly scarred body, and his sensual, knowing, almost artistic movements. These two moved as one, anticipating each other's needs. She recognized the deep rapport. This one was special, and his exceptional mind…that was a bonus.

"Eleven out of ten."

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