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Random Musings
The Sixth Sense of Gremlin 
9th-Jun-2010 09:51 pm
It's been four days since Gremlin passed away and everywhere I turn, I still expect to see him. Every time I get up from a chair, I look down to make sure I don't step on him, because he used to love lying down around my feet.

I only emptied his water bowl out yesterday. I wake up in the morning and can almost swear I hear his occasional quiet barks, demanding to be let out of the kitchen.

Every time I eat in the breakfast nook, I see that spot, where his still body lay for the last time, his eyes wide and staring without life.

There are fewer triggers that set me crying, but it still aches inside. I miss my little pup.


Grem_Come out
10th-Jun-2010 07:25 am (UTC)
I especially love that second picture.

Many times as I walked into the stable yard I still expected to see Jaykub looking out over his door. I suppose hope is always there - and they stay part of your life that way.

Perry died as suddenly, and for a few days that patch of grass haunted me ... but it did go as memories of seeing him play on the same area replaced it.

I did like you are doing - kept looking at the pictures, remembering the good times ... and the naughty times!

Love and hugs.
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