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Random Musings
Warning: PG 
29th-Apr-2010 02:16 pm
Warning: PG


Twin Souls
3rd-May-2010 08:00 pm (UTC)
Vila doesn't need anyone to give him ideas to dump or betray his own crewmates, he thinks of them all by himself and he acts on it even though they are only in danger, and not always in eminent risk of death

I think Vila's problem has always been that he thinks too little. He reacts to certain situations with one goal in mind: selfpreservation. I don't see him as a man who plans his actions thoroughly. He lives by the day, like he's probably done all his life as a (what was it) Delta grade(?) citizen. I always like to compare him with a streetkid in one of the overcrowded big cities of the world. No one looks out for you and there are dangers lurking on every street corner. This way of life forms you: you probably don't turn out to be the most reliable, trustworthy person in the universe, but you have acquired the skills to survive.
3rd-May-2010 08:10 pm (UTC)
Yup. I consider a lot of how the crew behaves as a function of their society. Vila and Jenna described a universe where they expected everyone to double cross them. And in that atmosphere, I could see how everyone is out for themselves first, not because they're selfish but because if you don't look out for yourself, you quickly become someone else's victim.

Which is why I really love Avon. He may be selfish, but in the end, he is far less than any of the others, even though verbally he might sound more.
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