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I've been going through with someone, doing a trial of all of Blake's actions, going through episode by episode, line by line and analyzing the inconsistencies in his behavior and that of his 'speech' to his actions, and I can't believe that I think even less of him now than when I started. And I agree when someone pointed out that we needed Blake at least for a few episodes because the contrast really shows how much better Avon actually was compared to him.

And for those who think the Blake icon shows a wonderful man...my title for it is, "Smile of a Smug Cold-Blooded Murderer"

Blake is really an arrogant, devious, lying, moronic, back-stabbing mass murdering machiavellian fanatic who struts around like he's god, who uses and discards people like disposable objects, who would stab anyone in the back if he could meet his goals faster or cause enough damage to the Federation, who destroyed the morality of his crew with his ends-justifies-the-means arrogance and whose 'goodness' is so thin that you only have to scratch the surface for the illusion to disappear and you see the self-obsessed man underneath.

I relish any story that portrays Avon and Blake the way they truly were in the series and not the distorted cartoonish, caricatures that ignore most of what they say and do. And it gives me a chuckle when people claim characters are OOC when the behavior displayed is taken directly from the series. They must mean OOC with their own personal fanon, which I would whole-heartedly, proudly and very happily agree. Mine is too, but at least I have the honesty to recognize it, though I think that my personal one incorporates much more of a range of their complete personalities, though I do distort Blake's negative traits more...because there are so many of them....

The man was a complete failure from TWB to the final end, which even he realized. Very little of what he did or planned actually worked and the few things he achieved were usually by an incredible stroke of luck despite his lack of anything remotely resembling intelligent thought. And it's such joke because he's not even aware of how ludicrous his logic is.

He has no coherent plan and goes around randomly committing random acts of destruction and mass murder and acting on whims, and other than for the single search for Star One, which takes him an awful looong time and has to stretch out many episodes, there is no coordination in what he does.

We know Avon had very specific and coherent plans, we are told this very clearly in Animals and it matches perfectly with what he tried to do since the end of Ultraworld.

The rest of the time they barely escaped with their lives, and without meeting his goals. How many times did he get at least one or more of his people captured, when it wasn't even a trap? Not much of a leader.

And he was clearly an insane megalomaniac who had almost nothing (the beginnings of an army consisting of Deva, Klynn, a technician, a Federation spy and maybe two janitors and no weapons that we can see other than Blake's and Arlen's personal one, even when the base is under attack...plus a so-called base where he can't even use his own name, makes it a very 'beginnings' indeed) by the final episode when Avon put him out of his misery.

I just read a perfect poem that describes Blake. It's not as negative as I would like but it's good enough.


You steal away
a selfish Robin Hood
You take from everyone
give to no one,
and laugh at our
You dance with
gods - playfully -
as we watch everyone;
slowly die
one by one.


Your hands keep moving
as ours slowly grow still.

By Forgotten Anomaly

And it made me very happy and I cheered when Avon killed Blake at the end, and put the gun to his head to blow it off, and wished he had done it much earlier in S1.

Blake finally reaped what he sewed. That's what happens when you repeatedly screw your friends and force them to do what they don't want to under the arrogance that everything you do is right and any despicable behavior is justified as long as you think it is.
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