Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

A Wonderful Day

Had a great birthday yesterday. 

Got into the office and found lots of goodies piled on my desk and a very nice card signed by everyone. Was very surprised as I didn't tell anyone. Normally I'm home for my birthday, not at a client site.

Got lots of nice birthday greetings throughout the day on email and wonderful ones from the people on my flist.

shimere277's gift was much appreciated ;)     See Card

Had a birthday dinner and went to see Mama Mia musical with a group of friends. Hated ABBA when I was growing up because everyone seemed to be into them and they were everywhere; but I've learned to appreciate the fun quality of their music since then.

The musical was lots of fun! Brought back many memories.

To top it off there was a sweet story written for me by entropy_house

Food of the Pods 

The only mar was a 6.5 earthquake at 2am this morning. Fortunately the epicentre was 70 miles away but it shook the buildings here for a bit.

Other than that it was a great day!

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