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Random Musings
Warning: Dr Who Spoilers 
3rd-Apr-2010 03:25 pm
Just finished watching the new Matt Smith Dr Who. It was better than I expected, which isn't saying a lot since I had low expectations ;)

Smith isn't too bad, so far. A frenetic portrayal for a new regeneration. I think I like the new companion, Amy already. A bit like Donna though the look on her face when the Doctor was stripping (partially, minds out of the gutters)...was amusing but not promising. Seems she won't take any guff from him, and she is somewhat cynical of him, which is all good. Handcuffing him to the radiator was fun.

Slideshow from The Eleventh Hour plus some additional trailer footage of the new season.

I missed the first 10 minutes and these are only caps from partway through.

Dr Who: The Eleventh Hour Slideshow
Grem_Come out
4th-Apr-2010 01:15 am (UTC)
I quite like Amy. Reserving judgement on the doctor until after regeneration mania has died down.
I love the fact the TARDIS is back to being erratic, it seems rather less like a inter-dimensional time taxi.

If you missed the first ten minutes all you really missed then was him meeting Amy for the first time, Prisoner 0's escape and the Doctor doing a Tigger impression. (A joke which went on for too long in my opinion.)
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