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*BIG SIGH* of relief

Before I left for work this morning, I thought I had managed to fry both my computer, my iPod and my datakey.

Had plugged my iPod in order to download some files to it prior to going to work. Everything stopped working. Task manager said 100% utilization but it didn't seem to be doing anything useful. So I tried a reboot.. That usually fixes most things. 

Except...it wouldn't reboot. Not even a blue screen of death. Total darkness. On top of that, even though I had unplugged my iPod, it still gave that annoying "Do not disconnect (on pain of death)" message and would not turn off. Tried all the usual. Still nothing.

Left for work with a less than happy outlook. 

Got to work, plugged in my datakey.  I didn't register. Plugged in my iPod. It showed up on the devices list but not on the drive list; and it was still showing the "Do not disconnect (on pain of death)" message.

At this point saying that the day was not starting out well would have been an understatement. Without my iPod and datakey, I had lost my two backups for important files.

Looked up the solution to my iPod problem on the internet...whew...the internet is wonderful...

Decided to plug my datakey in one more time in the afternoon. It registered and everything was fine....what the?

Just got back home and my computer booted up!!!  woohoo!!!

I have no idea what happened this morning but everything is fine now....


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