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Bloody Blake: S1E3 - Cygnus Alpha

Again an anti-Blake warning.

Ah, Cygnus Alpha...where Blake continues to show his true colours and lays the foundation for his brand of ruthless, callous and self-serving leadership.

Blake's Sins

1) First of all is more domination. For some reason, Blake acts like the ship and everything in it is his, to be used for his crusade, without asking if Avon or Jenna are fine with it. Which obviously Avon is not.

2) Again Blake yells/raise his voice when he doesn't get what he wants or if someone opposes him. This in itself is not wrong, but it is an indication that Blake's "niceness" is just a thin veneer that he quickly sheds like a snake the moment someone raises objections to what he wants. And it's not as if Avon is trying to harm Blake here. He is only expressing his concerns about the safety of using the teleport when they don't know much about it. But Blake yells at him and does what he wants despite Avon's reservations.

3) Now we get to the juicy stuff. Blake's lying nature. He does it so smoothly and without any forethought, that it's like breathing. Now who else in the show is described as having the ability to lie like that? As someone else pointed out to me:

If he was a truly good guy, caring about the others, he would have said there was danger down there and they could've made a decision together, but he had decided already. Doing it his way, or the high way...

He doesn't tell them and endangers their lives. What if Avon or Jenna were curious and decided to go down to check out the planet for themselves? There was time. They'd be completely unaware of the danger and might not have even gone down armed because Blake told them it was perfectly fine.

4) Now to my favourite part. The part that shows Blake's true colours in all of its dark glory. His treatment of the prisoners.

Blake gives two reasons why he's going to Cygnus Alpha. The first reason is to rescue the prisoners. Sounds very heroic and compassionate of him. The second is to get himself a crew. Now which one is it or is it both? His final actions and what he says to the prisoners shows the real truth. There was only ever one reason why Blake went to Cygnus Alpha.

When Vargas threatens to kill the prisoners if Blake does not give up the Liberator, what does our compassionate hero do?

You're pathetic. I should leave you to rot. You want to live like slaves? Live or die at the whim of a madman, then fine. But you're not taking me down with you. I'm getting out. I'm better off without you.

Very soon now they're going to come and take one of you away and there is nothing you can do to stop that happening, because there is no way I am going to order that ship to land. The choice is very simple. You can either fight or you can die.

Very rousing, heroic and compassionate speech, don't you think?

This is so ironic because Blake's description of the prisoners under Vargas isn't that different from the hapless crew under Blake. And he completely ignores their justifiable concerns that if they leave, they'll all die without the antidote, or so they and Blake believed. But of course, Blake has no intention of trying to find an antidote for them first. He's going to use it as a threat to force them to become his crew or leave them to die if they don't. Very heroic and compassionate of you, Blake. Oh, yes, your goal was always to free the prisoners and save them and not just about getting yourself a crew. Does anyone believe that now?

Some of the other prisoners seem to be cowering in the corner. They're scared. And Blake calls them pathetic. Very nice oh noble one. They'll all love you and follow you now.

I am completely with Avon in leaving Blake on Cygnus Alpha. Blake asked for it. He's going to get them all killed against Avon's wishes. And this man endangered his life for 4 months on the London, on baseless and malicious assumptions. Why shouldn't he leave him to rot? I think Avon is perfectly justified. But Avon was far too good to leave Blake down there even though he wanted to. Unlike Blake who would let them all die just because the ship is far more useful in fighting the Federation than human beings are.

And the piece de resistance?

The final proof Blake was only there to get himself a crew and the other reason was a good-sounding lie?

After Blake, Gan and Vila escape to the ship and after they find out the poison was fake, Blake leaves the other prisoners to rot. He never goes back for them, doesn't mention them again and doesn't even bother telling them the poison was fake.

He left them to the mercies of Vargas's henchmen and to the Federation.

But didn't the prisoners chose to stay there? They did? I believe what they chose was not to commit suicide because they believed they would die if they were without the antidote. They actually did want to leave, but they said they couldn't because of that reason.

If Blake had bothered to tell them the poison was fake, how many of them would actually want to stay on Cygnus Alpha? But Blake never cared about them. He only wanted himself a crew that would fight.

And the final proof is in the next episode, which puts to rest any thoughts that Blake may have gone back to rescue the prisoners like a true hero, but he did it behind the scenes. Look carefully at shots of the bank of teleport bracelets in the next episode. After Cygnus Alpha, we rarely see full shots of the teleport bracelet tray anymore that show the full tray. But in TS we do get a wider shot of it and its clear that almost half of the bracelets are missing. Well, guess why that is? Because Blake left them on Cygnus Alpha when he abandoned the prisoners and never went back for them. These people he spent 4 months with and got to know, he just left them.

5) And one last thing, another fiasco by Blake using a ludicrous plan.

I know some people think Blake was successful because he got Gan and Vila. But do we forget that he lost the other two? Not much of a success if you get half the people killed and also caused the death of the one person on Vargas's side who was sympathetic to them. At most it was a tainted victory. And another indication of Blake's sorry plans. Again he sends defenceless people against armed enemies. This is a good idea? Not to mention, he didn't bother to arrange backup because he told Jenna and Avon it was perfectly fine on the planet.

Good leader? Yeah, I'm sure the two who died would vote no.

This man deserves to lead? He couldn't plan his way out of a paper bag without getting his own people killed. And he couldn't tie his own shoelaces unless Avon provided instructions, with lots of pictures.

That's all I can think of now. Cheers.
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