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Bloody Blake: S1E2 - Spacefall

Fair Warning: Those who know me, know to ignore this if you don't want to read a thoroughly negative interpretation of Blake. Which is what I did with all the major characters before I started writing and why I came to hate and detest Blake. Because he did not ring true the more I studied him.

I plan to go through all the episodes and analyze Blake's actions and words. If you don't like it, don't read. Don't come whining to me about how my views don't agree with your views. Well, yours don't agree with mine.

I welcome intelligent debate. I revel in it. People who know me, know that I will defend my views vigorously and with copious facts. And I am very well aware that most of these characters are ambiguous and there are both positive and negatives for all of them. This was done deliberately so that we can all read them the way we want to.

But if you think there is only one right way to interpret a character, and it's a "sin" to not like a character that you personally like, well, last time I checked, this was still a free society and I'm pretty sure that I can enjoy a show without liking every character on it.

The Sins of Blake

1)  Endangers the life of a total stranger on no proof.
   a) he stresses in front of everyone that Avon is the only person who can help the crew murder them all.  Why exactly? They already knew Avon was a top computer specialist. Avon was very honest and open about that.  Did Blake think they all had short term memory and he had to remind them? Or was it because he wanted to point out that, hey here is a baseless gossip about the crew murdering us all and look, this is the only person on the ship who could help them do it. Nudge. Nudge.
   b) he blithely and callously declares that he knows Avon, whom he just met, has already thought of murdering them all. Obviously Blake has the magical gift of telepathy or a little bird told him.
   c) when Jenna and Vila, who didn't suspect Avon before but do now solely because of Blake's baseless insinuations, suggest murdering Avon, Blake doesn't try to stop Vila the gossip from saying it

2) Blake cares far more about his own life and his goals and is more than willing to sacrifice others in order to keep himself safe or to meet those goals.
  a) Blake takes the sole gun and leaves the others completely defenceless. It never even occurs to him to consider giving the gun to anyone else. His life is more important to him than anyone else's life. As a result, 7 prisoners got slaughtered because Blake sent them off unarmed against an armed and wary crew.
  b) After the ship is holed and foam seals the tunnels, they have proof that anyone caught inside will be killed. Which is exactly what happens to Nova later. Blake knowinglly sends Avon into the tunnels even though the situation is still dangerous. And when Vila suggests they should wait until it's safer, Blake yells at him and refuses to stop, under the excuse that this is their best chance. He wasn't about to give up his chance of escaping just because Avon might get killed.
 c) When Blake half-heartedly considers going after Avon when there seems to be a delay, he accepts Vila's lame excuse that they need him to lead the prisoners and they should risk someone else. Hmm, this is suspicious, after what he just did to Avon and Vila, is it that likely that Blake would let anyone stop him from doing anything he really wanted to? And the reason Blake 'supposedly accepts'' is obviously a lie because Blake doesn't lead the prisoners at all, does he? The first thing he does when the doors open is send the defenceless prisoners off by themselves and then go off after Avon with a gun. Yes, I'm sure Blake had to risk someone else going through the tunnels because he had to stay behind to lead the prisoners. How, by telepathy? Carrier pigeons?

3) Next is his thoroughly dispicable behavior towards Avon. Not only does he endanger the life of a total stranger on no proof. In a ship full of criminals no less, he tries to dominate Avon right from the beginning and acts very hostilely towards him even though Avon hasn't done anything to Blake except talk to him fairly inoffensively and offer information that Blake needed.

4) Blake is a failure as a leader and always was, but he's so arrogant he thinks he should continue being leader. The man has no shame.
 - Blake's failures so far...he got his own rebel group slaughtered and because of his defeat, the entire rebel movement suffers a great blow
  - his take over of the ship is an unmitigated disaster; the plan itself is ludicrous and results in 11 prisoners being killed
  - but even after this, Blake is still considering himself as leader and trying again instead of maybe asking someone else to lead, maybe someone who won't be such a failure?

5) Where Blake reveals himself to be either a moron, or a malicious bastard.
 - Well, I don't know about you, but my first thought when I meet an intelligent man who has an opportunity to murder everyone in order to save his life, is that he must also be a murderer. Who cares if he's only in here for fraud. Fraud. Smaud. Hey that has an 'm' in it, and that rhymes with murder. Sooo. Avon must be a murder. Whee! Yeah, that makes just as much sense as Blake does. Hey, here's a thought, Blake is both a moron and a malicious bastard.
 - Oh, yes. I can declare on one hand that Avon was smart and it wouldn't have taken him long to realize the plan to help the crew murder them all was stupid. And with the other hand, I can also assume that the plan Avon is referring to must be this stupid plan.

Uh...Blake, you're a moron and you have a memory like a sieve. Avon already told you what his plan was. It is his idea to use the computers to control the ship, not like your lame plan to go through the ship unarmed and get your own people killed after only using the computers to open the doors and to disable the cameras.

Do you ever use your brain, Blake? Because that is the plan Avon is referring to. It's only logical since Avon just stated it only a minute ago. But noooo. You have to assume he's thinking about this stupid plan, which you yourself know that even if Avon had thought of it, he would have realized early on (not 4 months later!) that it was too stupid to continue thinking about. Do you even listen to yourself, Blake?

Avon must have realized Blake was an idiot by now and lost all respect for him. But he needed him in order to get to the computers. Just like Blake needed Avon in order for his plan to work, though Blake arrogantly acts like he is the one who is offering freedom to Avon and Avon is the needy one. Yeah, right. Avon got you pegged from the beginning for the arrogant moron you were. And he told you so to your face when he remarked snidely about your arrogant assumptions about your own importance.

The one good thing Blake did was, after watching the 2nd prisoner being executed in cold blood, he gives up and will not sacrifice any more prisoners.

Sounds good and moral, but hang on a second here. This man has just acted in a completely self-serving way so far. Risking other people in order to keep himself safe and to risk others just so he could have a chance. Did he have a change of heart and all of a sudden show a little conscience? Or did Blake realize that the crew wasn't about to give up to them and so it was pointless continuing? Because really so far, acting morally or with concern or consideration for others, has not been at the top of his priorities.
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