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B7 The Ends: Tingash - Chapter 31

Category: Humour, Drama, Romance
Rating: PG+
Warning for strong suggestiveness.
2nd Story of From the Ends to the Beginning

Introduction: A mishap leads to a little humour and romance.

Note: Dedicated to the Avon/Cally fans out there...you know who you are...

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Chapter Thirty-One

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Cally stepped out of the shower stall, reaching for a plush beige towel and vigorously rubbed herself. Escaping drips of water slid down her body and were swallowed by the drying mat.

Where's my…

Her helpful mind gave her a memory of clothes still lying neatly on the table outside. She sighed at her own forgetfulness and passed the towel through her damp hair.

The return to Kaarn and her fellow Auronar had been distracting her thoughts lately, not to mention the suspense of the Shade antidote. It had been a week and despite a rise in Avon's body temperature, there was still no indication of success.

Cally exited the shower area, draping the towel around her shoulders. It wasn't the first time she would be nude in her own cabin. A slender smile lit up her face at the remembrance of the last time that happened, which was not that long ago, just yesterday in fact.

Avon was certainly used to seeing her in a natural state. Even without his sight, she was able to project an image of herself into his mind. Purely for positional purposes, of course. She was getting quite good at it and he was…more than appreciative. In memory, Cally drew her fingers lightly from the hollow of her throat down…

Her eyes flew open as a dark wolf suddenly appeared before her eyes. It wore a band of some sort around its neck that looked familiar.

Cally's hands came up instinctively, twisting the towel together and holding it up like a barrier. At the same time, Sharp-Eyes yelped in alarm, his eyes going wide at seeing her. He backed up a couple of steps.

* Avon, your wolf is here! * Cally watched the creature warily but lowered the towel. "How did you get here and why?"

Sharp-Eyes bowed its head. * One apologizes for the intrusion, Avon's-Mate. We are conducting an experiment. *

When Avon had first acquired his wolf, there had been a few tense words and firm, but logical arguments on her part before Avon had agreed the young wolf would return to the ‘den’ to rest at night instead of curling up outside their cabin.


Her mind heard Avon's shocked mental voice. * Cally. You're in our cabin. *

It always gave Cally a warm feeling to hear him call it 'our' cabin. It had taken him a long time to make that unconscious adjustment in speech. * Yes, and so is your wolf. Would you like to explain? *

* We are conducting a trial with the new teleport collar. I understood this was your shift on the flight deck. *

That was why it seemed familiar. A teleport collar. The wolf would need one if he were to be Avon's guide.

* Sgt. Harley is ill. The shift schedules were changed, * said Cally.

* Ah. * There was a pause and a faint feeling of embarrassment. * My sincerest apologies, Cally. I should have confirmed the cabin would be empty. Were there any mishaps? *

* Would you know a good headache cure?  *

There was another pause and a flush of emotion that registered as pale pink to her psi senses. * Not in front of the wolf, * he told her.

Sharp-Eyes cocked its head. * There is a remedy for head pain? *

"It's not for everyone, wolf."

The creature huffed a sigh. * It is a limited cure. *

"Yes, very limited."

Avon’s mental voice said, * I will recall the wolf. *

There was a familiar energy outline around the wolf and then Cally was alone again. She quickly put on her clothes in case other mishaps occurred with the teleport tests.


“A satisfactory test. If not an uneventful one,” said Avon as he snapped the collar off.

The wolf sneezed and shook its head, fluffing out the fur that had been pressed down by the collar. * Agreed. Avon-Alpha’s mate is very pretty for a two-legs. *

An amused smile curled Avon’s lips. * I couldn’t have put it better myself. *

* Does one intend to breed her soon? *

Avon nearly choked on his next breath of air. “We...have not discussed breeding as of yet.”

Sharp-Eyes cocked its head in query. “One understood that all Alphas...”

“We will not discuss my personal life,” Avon said, his manner shutting a door to anyone, or any creature, which dared to cross the sacred barrier into the private life of Avon.

The wolf bent its head, * One will refrain from further inquiries. *

“Only about my personal life.”

* Understood. *

Avon was deep in thought. The unfortunate embarrassment would require recompense of some sort.


"Stay here," Avon directed Sharp-Eyes as they stopped in front of Vila's cabin.

* I will stay. * The wolf regarded him with interested eyes as Avon felt along the wall for the cabin buzzer.

"Avon, to what do I owe this pleasure," Vila beamed as the door opened.

"I have a request." Avon's thumb pressed into the fleshy part of his palm, kneading it lightly. His throat felt dry and inside his mind, he was rehearsing words that still sounded far too inadequate for the task.

"Well, step into my office," Vila moved aside and waved him in with a flourish.

"Are we alone?" One palm rubbed against the other but Avon didn't move.

This must be bad, thought Vila, eyeing this nervous habit. "Corinne's training with the Commander."

"Good." Avon stepped in slowly, not quite sure of the configuration of Vila's room.

Vila gently took his elbow. "Why don't you sit here, Avon? It's a bit of a mess. Been practicing for the magic show."

"How is it progressing?" Sitting down, Avon rested the cane on the floor and leaned his hands on it. He would have preferred to jump right to the main topic but part of him was glad of the diversion.

"Oh, it's going to be great! We have some wonderful acts planned. I’m going to stump you this time." Vila's face beamed as he pulled up a chair and sat opposite. Being a magician, with a beautiful assistant, was a childhood dream come true.

"Is this another bet?" Avon's head cocked in amusement.

"Oh, no you don't," said Vila, raising a hand. "I'm not falling for that again."

"You won the last time."

"Yeah, well, I like to quit while I’m ahead."

"Surprisingly prudent." A smile tugged at the corner of Avon's lips. Distraction was good.

"What was your request?"

A sombre frown greeted the change in topic. "There was an unfortunate incident earlier."

Vila leaned forward. "What kind of incident?"

Avon explained what happened with Cally and the wolf.

A brief silence followed.

"Are you laughing?" asked Avon, his sightless eyes narrowing.

Vila swallowed hard and coughed. "Nooo. Of course not. Well, just a little."

Avon's scowled at him and said in warning, "This is not a topic for amusement."

There was another covering cough. "You have to admit, Avon, it is just a little funny. Can you imagine the look on Cally's face when…"

Avon's voice was a shower of icy water. "I prefer not to."

"Sorry…" Vila coughed again, this time in uncomfortable embarrassment. He had sworn he wouldn’t mention anything about seeing or eyes in front of Avon. “What are you going to do?”

Avon was rocking the cane back and forth. He said roughly, “If I knew, do you think I’d be here?”

“I suppose not. You know, Avon. All you have to do is apologize to her.”

“I did.”

“Well, if I know Cally, that should be enough.”

“This is a waste of time.” Avon pressed on the cane and stood up abruptly but Vila stopped him with a hand on his arm.

“Wait, I didn’t say I wasn’t going to help.”

Sitting back down, Avon’s sightless eyes ‘glared’ at him, sending a single shiver down Vila’s spine. It was so eerie when he did that.

Vila asked, “Did you have anything in mind?”

The one thought that had been haunting Avon was an image of Cally’s embarrassment and outrage when the wolf appeared due to his own carelessness.


Cally yawned, stretched her arms high above her head to ease the tired muscles, and reached for the door panel. Another boring night shift on the flight deck had finally ended. Avon should be safely tucked away in bed, unless he lost track of time again. She shook her head slightly in wry amusement and entered the darkened cabin. Feeling for the manual light controls on the side, her eyes strained to see if Avon was on the bed.

There was a dark figure standing in the centre of the room. Cally quickly turned on the lights full. “Avon!” she gasped.

There was an embarrassed cough. In the middle of the room stood a nearly nude Avon, wearing only a black leather thong.

He was...beautifully uncomfortable.

Cally approached him carefully, wondering what possessed him to wear something that was making her warm all over and her heart beat a staccato of desire.

“Avon, what are you wearing?”

Avon’s head lifted and his voice remained carefully neutral. “I believe it’s called a thong.”

“I mean...” Speaking and coherent thought were becoming difficult. “Why are you wearing...” She wanted to touch him all over. “...a thong?”

There was a hesitation as Avon shifted nervously on his feet. “You...were embarrassed earlier.”

“Oh, Avon.” She pressed a warm palm to his bare chest, feeling him flinch slightly and then relax. “You thought you would embarrass yourself to make up for it?”

The logic had seemed sound when he explained it to Vila, but now he wasn’t so sure. “You’re not pleased?”

“You’re beautiful, Avon.” She drew her hand lightly down his chest, caressing every ridge and lightly touching the fading marks. Avon drew in a sharp breath as the warmth of her hand penetrated his body and spread like wildfire. He groaned and caught her hand. There was something he had to say before he was too caught up in the feelings she was provoking in him.

“Cally. I never meant to...”

She pressed her fingers to his lips. “It’s alright, Avon. I was not that embarrassed. Only startled. It was an accident. I know you will be careful from now on.”

Avon’s voice was rough with desire, “Yes. I will.” He leaned into her, his body touching her clothed one, the textured material rubbing against his flesh, sending sparks of electricity through him.

Bending his head forward, his lips found hers. No sight was needed. Her lips were the soft petals of a flower opening up, inviting him in. They melted against each other as Cally’s clothes slid off easily and dropped to the floor in an untidy heap.

Her hands stroked his sides as he ran his fingers lightly up her spine, causing her to arch against him. “Avon,” she said in a breathless whisper, her hands slipping lower, feeling the supple leather and the straining desire waiting for release.

Avon sucked in a hissed breath. “Cally.” He pressed against her, his hands sliding to the small of her back. Inside his mind, he could ‘feel’ the gentle fingers of her presence stroking lightly the spots she knew would increase his pleasure. It was an avalanche of sensations; fierce heat that consumed the mind, body and soul. He could barely contain himself, now freed from the ‘peace offering’ that Vila had suggested. He must remember to thank him...later.

A dim corner of his mind registered that they were both in bed, bodies entwined around each other, and he had no recollection of how they got there. It was a minor detail having no significance.

All that was important was Cally inside his mind, and he inside her; moving together as one. He was never closer to anyone than he was at this very moment, holding off a release that would send them to dizzying heights. His mouth enveloped hers, drinking in her essence, her taste, her breath, making her, his own. A part of him. His fingers traced the length of her, stroking lightly where she was most sensitive, his mouth teasing and then hard. Her body reacted to his every touch. She was a finely tuned instrument that made beautiful music to sensitive his ears.

Cally in turn touched his inner essence, sampling the brilliant rainbow of colours that made up who he was. He was a confused human being, as unsure of himself as he often was of others. It made him endearingly human. With each intimate moment, he was taking more of a chance, allowing her into more closed-off areas of his life. He took her breath away.

“Cally,” his voice was ragged as an explosion of pleasure ripped through them; wave after wave of liquid heat that melted their bodies as they clung to each other.

Without warning, Avon’s body arched stiffly upward, rolling her unceremoniously off the bed. There was a gasp, a scream of agony as his eyes rolled up into his head, and he slumped down, unconscious.


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