Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Prompt: Equipment malfunction

Title: A Malfunction, Of Sorts
Word Count: 153
Rating: Gen

"I'm coming…Avon. Bring me up," Cally's voice crackled over the comm system.

Avon's eyes were frozen on the nude form that appeared on the teleport platform. Cally screeched as she quickly covered the most important bits with not enough hands. "Avon! Quick, do something!"

With a mind moving at zombie-like speed and a stunned look on his face, Avon said eloquently, "I…"

He shook his head to shake off the cobwebs that seemed to have taken residence and quickly stripped off his jacket and rushed it over to her. "There appears to have been a teleport malfunction. You were fortunate."

"You call this fortunate?" Cally asked, slipping on his black leather jacket, and surprised at the soft, comfortable lining inside. She would have to ask him about that later.

"Well…" The was the barest gleam of a smile in Avon's eyes and the corner of his lips curled slightly. "Fortunate for some."


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