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Relaxing day

 Had a relaxing day yesterday. Woke up really late. Yay for Saturdays!

Spent an hour sitting on the outdoor patio at Starbucks, having coffee and people-watching with a friend. Did some shopping. Actually managed to go to the electronics market and not buy anything.

Saw the penguin movie, Surf's Up. Cute but predictable; not as good as Ratatouille. Then shared a bottle of wine and some beef stroganoff. Nothing quite like ending the day sharing a good meal and conversation with a friend.

Actually did no writing yesterday; though I did do some thinking about the 6th story in the current series. I'm really determined to develop a new female character who does not fall for Avon and does not end up getting killed. Realized one thing I am really weak in is writing visual details like clothing and environment. Not sure how to fix that. I do plan to make the 7th story the last one for this series of B7 stories.


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