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TV Show Meme

Meme from jaxomsride

1. Comment to this post with "Me, me Pick me!" and I'll assign you the basis of some tv show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

jaxomsride gave me a Historical Vampire Romance

The series opener...

An imposing, castle-like mansion with turrets and towers. A dark and mysterious place where the setting sun throws menacing shadows...cue appropriately creepy music.

This is the Mordante Mansion. Home to a wealthy, mysterious man, Tomas Richard Mordante. He is darkly handsome but somewhat pale of face, and unknown to the world at large, he is a powerful vampire. Inside his basement crypt lies a simple coffin in polished Mahogany, which he never uses but keeps around for amusement value.

By day, his mansion and estates are run by his retainer and trusted right hand, Pietro Vargas. He is not a vampire but his family has served Mordante for generations. The reason why remains shrouded in mystery.

Mordante has lived fairly peacefully for centuries, carefully cultivating good relations with the local populace through his retainers. He is known as a recluse who makes few public appearances. Though he is a vampire, he is not a typical one. It has been centuries since he has fed on living human blood.

It is the age of superstition and fantastical creatures of the imagination. Fear grips the villages nearby when several children disappear without a trace. There are rumours of vampires, but of course mythical creatures are always blamed when things go wrong.

They pool their resources and hire a famous vampire hunter to deal with the threat, the dangerous, Samuel Reddis. The villagers are shocked when the person who comes to their aid is not Samuel Reddis, but a beautiful, but equally dangerous young woman, his daughter Sophie. It seems that her father was killed several months ago by a powerful vampire and she has been following the creature's trail.

The villagers only see a weak woman. They do not believe that she is as good as her father. Undaunted, Sophie decides to investigate the murders, as well as continuing to hunt for her father's murderer.

She finds a crested ring buried in the muddied ground of the last murder. It is the seal of Mordante. She sneaks into the Mordante mansion...

In the meantime, a wealthy Duke, Karlos Campanelli, has been buying up land. He has run into conflict with Mordante who is not interested. The Duke is unscrupulous and intent on controlling this whole region. He has tried many underhanded tricks to no avail, but now, with the horrific murders, he sees an opportunity to stir up suspicion against Mordante.

The situation with the villagers is tense. Mordante, realizing this would not be good for him, sets out to investigate who is really behind the murders. He discovers Sophie rifling through his safe and is entranced by this daring, intelligent beauty who is not afraid that she found a coffin in his basement. She has a crossbow with a wooden bolt aimed at his heart.

Paul Darrow as Tomas Richard Mordante

Tomas Richard Mordante is 752 years old. He is darkly handsome and unknown to the world at large, a powerful vampire. He's seen it all, done it all. Life and the un-life, no longer hold any fascination for him. He goes on, not because he wants to, but because he's lost the passion to do anything about it until an inquisitive young woman enters his life.

Jan Chappell as Sophie Reddis

Sophie Reddis is the daughter of famed vampire hunter, Samuel Reddis. She was educated by her father and is intelligent and just as capable as he was. She is determined to continue in her father's footsteps of ridding the world of evil creatures.

Patrick Bauchau as Pietro Vargas

Pietro Vargas is Mordante's retainer. A mysterious and capable man, he is not a vampire but his family has served Mordante for generations. The reason why remains shrouded in mystery. He has a sarcastic sense of humour and isn't afraid of Mordante. Mordante trusts him completely.

Ron Rifkin as Karlos Campanelli

Karlos Campanelli is a wealthy Duke who is intent on taking over Mordante's estate. He is unscrupulous and is willing to use any means to beat him. Mordante suspects there is another motivation besides greed in Campanelli's actions.
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