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Happy New Year. Flist!

And a special gift for those who have been reading the Perceptions and The Ends stories...a New Year's character dialogue which didn't quite come out the way I expected, but the sentiment is still there...somewhere... ;)

Writer:    It's awfully quiet. Where is everyone?

Cally:   Is there something the matter?

Writer:   I thought there'd be more noise considering what you did last year. What happened to the party in the other time zone?

Avon:   That was last year.

Writer:   Are you saying you're not doing one this year?

Cally:   What Avon means is that we have decided to celebrate New Year's according to your time zone this year.

Writer:   Oooh! Thank you for the Avon-translation Cally.

Avon:   You only had to ask.

Sester:   Or ask someone else.

Avon (sarcasm dripping and spilling onto the floor):   You?

Sester: Why not me?

Argus:   She wants answers, not riddles no one can solve.

Sester: Just because you can't solve them…

Corinne:   I like riddles.

Argus:   Corinne, don't encourage him.

Reya:   Riddles might be fun during the party.

Argus (growls):   That means we have to invite him.

Reya:   Argus…

Argus (grumbles):   Oh, all right.

Avon 'stares' at him.

Argus:   It wasn't my idea…

Avon:   It never is. That's the problem.

Sester is smirking.

Vila (pushing in a cart of goodies and starts handing out drinks and party favours):   Is there any reason we can't start the party now?

Cally:   I think that's a very good idea, Vila.

Kirsten (lifts up a pair of…handcuffs):   Hmm, what are these for I wonder.

Sester (swallows hard and clears his throat)

Reya:   Did you want to say something?

Avon:   He appears to be speechless.

Argus (Goes over to study them): Aren't these the ones you used on me, Reya?

Sester:   You put them there, didn't you?

Argus:   Why would I do that?

Avon:   I can think of many reasons.

Corinne (mystified): Are we all talking about the same thing?

Kirsten:   Sester?

Sester:   Uh…

Reya (looking concerned): Are you ill?

Corinne:   He does look flushed.

Sester:  I think I need to sit down.

Avon (to Kirsten):   Very nicely done.

Kirsten:   I don't know what you mean.

Avon:   Of course.

Vila whispers something in Corinne's ear.

Corinne (blushing):   Oooh…that's supposed to be fun?

Vila:   Well, yes…uh, maybe…not that I've tried it before…

Corinne:   Hmm.

Vila (coughs):   Uh…why don't we all have a drink instead.

Avon (in a voice dryer than sand under a hot sun):   What a good idea.

Jumping ahead to the New Year's Countdown, the soldiers, the wolves (gnawing on tasty bones, not Sester's) and the Argus clones have joined the festivities. Everyone holds up a glass.

Argus: To everyone, in whatever time zone you may be in…

Jenna races down the flight deck steps: Wait for me!

Reya (handing her a glass):   You almost didn't make it. What took you so long?

Jenna (accepts glass): Well…

Lt. Dain:   You look very nice, Jenna.

Argus: If we're all present and ready now…

Happy New Year, everyone! Cheers!


Sigh, keep forgetting stuff. Corinne is now in the picture.

And, thanks to the wonderfully talented vilakins for all the lovely pics :)
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