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Observations about Weapon

I'm in another one of those moods...so be warned.

I do love Weapon because it's yet more instances of how completely unintelligent Blake is and how the only way he manages to succeed at all is by sheer dumb luck.

1) Blake and Jenna laugh at Avon

Ok, what is there to laugh at exactly?

Gan, on blind faith and no evidence of using his brain at all, is gung ho to jump when Blake snaps his fingers.
Avon, thinks about it carefully and weighs all the angles and dangers. When the alarm is raised, he, after careful thinking, decides that it is worth going to take a look, on the condition that the Federation is not there.

Does this sound gung ho at all? It sounds like a man, who after careful consideration, decides on a course of action.

So why are Jenna and Blake laughing at Avon and accusing him of being gung ho, just like Gan?

It's no wonder Avon has very little respect for the people on the ship, especially Blake.

2) Avon thinks the basic idea of attacking the Weapons facility is a stupid one. (I love that in the final "Blake" episode, Deva also considers Blake's actions stupid and will get people killed. Avon isn't the only one who thinks that of Blake and thinks there is something wrong with it.) Blake disagrees and says the idea was logical enough.

That statement of Blake's had me in stitches.

Avon points out that since this is the Weapons Development Base, it must be one of the best defended installations in the Federation.

ORAC suggests that the best place to get weapons is everywhere except the Weapons Development Base.

To which Blake says, "Agreed. Even so."

Hm, let me get this right, Blake's idea of logic is to say....yes, this must be one of the most dangerous places in the Federation to go, SO?

So if Blake agrees this is the one of the most dangerous places, what exactly is his idea of logic?

Could it be something like this?
Monkey needs weapons, Monkey sees shiny weapons, Monkey goes gets shiny weapons.

This is the simplistic logic of a child who doesn't think about consequences, only getting what he wants.

Even Blake's crew thinks its stupid, when they think more about it later.

GAN That doesn't sound very promising. Someone must have made an attack on the base.
VILA Who'd be stupid enough to do that?
AVON [Snaps his fingers] Justify "stupid."

I love that exchange. Who is that stupid? Uh, name starts with a 'B'.

And I love what Jenna says in this exchange:
BLAKE What do you think, Jenna?
AVON I think the basic idea was stupid.
BLAKE No, the idea was logical enough. Jenna?
JENNA A lot more logical than this makes it seem.

Bwahaha. So obviously, when Blake presented his idea to Jenna, it was the simplistic version without any thinking or any relevant details other than "here is base with weapons, lets go get weapons".

What Jenna is saying is that, yeah, it was logical (according to Blake's idea of logic), but not if you actually look at any facts. So even if she brainlessly followed Blake in laughing at Avon, she obviously thinks Blake's reasoning is faulty.

Love Avon, Vila and Jenna. And ORAC. They obviously think only a (in Vila's words) stupid person would consider this a 'logical' idea.

But Blake strutts around arrogantly thinking he's clever and more logical than Avon? Can someone pleeease borrow Travis and point him at Blake?

3) Logic, thy name is not Blake.
Ok, the Weapon's Development Base goes on alert. The more logical assumption, which all of them make (other than Cally) is that someone was stupid enough to break in to the base.

Blake's logic goes like this...
"Assume a fugitive from the Weapons Development Base, and a stolen ship capable of one-man operation. Assume no outside help. Where would he go? Orac, I want a series of options rated according to probability. Oh, and one more assumption: when he left, he took with him something secret and valuable."

Let me get this right, Blake is automatically assuming that a single person, working alone with a small ship, expects to steal something really valuable from one of the most dangerous bases in the Federation and escape without any help?

Ok, is it just me but does that sounds like only a crazy man would be doing that?

Blake doesn't ask Zen to check out any of the much more logical possibilities, only the idea that some insane person escaped from the base.

Either Blake had inside knowledge or he was once again incredibly lucky to meet someone even stupider than he was.

4) Luck is a substitute for intelligence, if you're Blake

The crew discovers IMIPAK, Servalan and Travis on the planet.

Servalan lets him go, even though Avon warns him that this is a trap.

Blake gets back to the ship and decides the best way to survive is to hide behind the planet.

Um, Avon points out that would only work if it was a primitive signal.

It's obvious that in their day and age, something like going behind a planet will not stop a weapon. But isn't this supposed to be a really advanced, secret weapon? What is the chance that it would use a signal so primitive that the easiest way to defeat it is to "get behind it" or "hide behind something"? Remember that this is supposedly a weapon that Servalan is confident will be able to kill anyone, anywhere in the galaxy.

And Blake was totally, absolutely wrong again. His "logic" was completely erroneous.

It's clear from what Servalan says to Travis later that she expected Blake to do something that stupid, and that the weapon was in no way hampered by having the ship 'hide' behind the planet. She tells Travis that once Blake makes his dumb move, Travis can go ahead and kill him with IMIPAK.

But the clone and Rashell intervene and take the projector.

The unfortunate thing is that the crew thinks Blake was smart and saved them. They don't realize that his stupidity nearly got them killed again and they were only saved by luck.

Avon was right, the only chance they had at all was to kill Servalan on the planet.

Servalan played Blake like the fool she knew he was. He just got lucky the clone stepped in and took the weapon from her and seeded the mines.
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