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Frustrated with writing the current b7 story (Needs are Never Simple)

Only read on if you know the story series I am referring to... 

Just needed to air out some frustrations regarding the current story...

Really struggling with writing the current b7 story. Trying to decide whether I should just end it where it is now (chapter 12) on a (sort of) upbeat note. Everyone gets a break, except Argus (but serves him right for insisting on going off on his own adventure and thus forcing me to rewrite major parts of the story). That would make this the shortest story so far and happens over the course of only ten days; and I would be able to post most of the rest of it now.

The other option is to allow it to continue and let it to become more complicated but less happy.

Servalan is now insisting that she deserves her own arc so some of the more complicated stuff deals with her.

Arghhhh!!!!   *SIGH*   what to do...what to do...


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