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Random Musings
22nd-Oct-2009 01:53 am
Hmm, I think I'll do a fic where Blake is finally made to pay for all the evil things he did in the name of being good and the self-serving things he did.

And maybe one where Vila finally has to face the music for betraying everyone in Hostage and trying to dump Avon, Cally and Blake at Star One and Tarrant later, all just to save his own neck. I wonder if that went through Avon's mind in Orbit.

There are far too many fics where Avon is made to pay for his sins. You almost get the idea that he was the only one who did anything bad and the others were all his victims.

Well it's time to have a little parity. Just fair warning. If you don't feel like reading then don't. I'm going to write them anyway.
23rd-Oct-2009 12:46 am (UTC)
Well a view of a character is opinion not fact.
Dialogue quoted out of context does put different slants on things.
Your example of Vila's wish to get rid of Avon never appeared to me to be nothing more than Vila's reaction to tension as was never meant as a serious suggestion by him. The other characters certainly never gave it serious consideration so why should we.
23rd-Oct-2009 01:20 am (UTC)
It's all a matter of differing perspectives. Everyone sees it differently and no one can say theirs is entirely right or someone else's is entirely wrong.

Just as your example of Vila's wish to murder Avon. I see what you're saying. It's a matter of opinion. I have a different one. Just because the others didn't take it seriously doesn't mean Vila didn't mean it seriously. He didn't say it with a smile, smirk, snidely or in a funny way as we know he can when he doesn't really mean it.

I actually like Vila as a character. But for me, he's as flawed as the rest of them. He certainly tries to leave others in order to save himself. You could say that he doesn't really mean it because he wasn't the one in control and it depended on Jenna or Avon to actually do the real deed, which thankfully they didn't. But give Vila a real circumstance where his life was in danger and he could do something about it? Vila took that opportunity and betrayed them all in Hostage.

So, the speculation is, would he have done the same thing too in those other circumstances if he had the power to do it? For me, he's a half-half character. He makes mistakes and would do it sometimes to save himself. But at others he could be noble and brave too and choose not to. Just like a real person who is capable of both good and evil. At times we act according to the noble part of ourselves and at others, the not so noble.
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