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Random Musings
22nd-Oct-2009 01:53 am
Hmm, I think I'll do a fic where Blake is finally made to pay for all the evil things he did in the name of being good and the self-serving things he did.

And maybe one where Vila finally has to face the music for betraying everyone in Hostage and trying to dump Avon, Cally and Blake at Star One and Tarrant later, all just to save his own neck. I wonder if that went through Avon's mind in Orbit.

There are far too many fics where Avon is made to pay for his sins. You almost get the idea that he was the only one who did anything bad and the others were all his victims.

Well it's time to have a little parity. Just fair warning. If you don't feel like reading then don't. I'm going to write them anyway.
22nd-Oct-2009 01:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Maybe one of these days, I might be able to write the other, good side of Blake. I do think he was essentially a good, albeit a flawed man, just like Avon but my mission now is parity.
23rd-Oct-2009 01:44 am (UTC)
I've had time to think about this. I don't have a problem with your writing Evil!Blake. But if you're inner vision is more nuanced, and yet you write Blake in a certain way out of reaction to FANDOM, then you're kind of betraying your muse. And as a writer, I wouldn't go there.
23rd-Oct-2009 02:02 am (UTC)
That's true. I hear what you're saying. What I intend to do is bring out what Blake does in the series but actually have Avon and Gan be louder in their comments and views about Blake. IMO, if Gan had survived, he would have become a much stronger voice against Blake's actions, morality and lack of insight, as he was already becoming by the time he died. I don't think it would have just been Avon who objected or blasted Blake in Keeper and Star One. And what would have happened if Avon had gained Gan's support, as he was already beginning to gain Cally's and Jenna's when they all saw Blake's actions and fanatacism for what they were by Star One? IMO by Star One, Blake had pretty much lost the trust of the entire crew. Not one of them believed in him anymore. They believed in his cause still and that the Federation had to be dealt with but not Blake. That erosion of trust and support already started before PP.

And thank you for our comments and concerns as a writer. It's much appreciated :)

Sorry to keep editing this but surprisingly enough, I don't think Blake was evil. I actually think he was a decent man at times. But I think he had a lot of flaws, just like the rest of them, that twisted his good intentions to something much less good. I won't see everything a person does as good just because he has good intentions, or excuse his actions because he meant well.

Edited at 2009-10-23 02:05 am (UTC)
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