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Random Musings
12th-Oct-2009 12:28 pm

Argus/Wolf scouts out the enemy

Argus/Wolf: Avon, I have a plan.
Avon/Wolf: I'm busy.
Argus/Wolf: Is Cally in there with you?

Avon/Wolf: Alright, what is this plan?

Avon/Wolf: You're kidding?

Argus/Wolf: If we do it this way...

Argus/Wolf: And I'll go in first...

Argus/Wolf: What do you think?

Avon/Wolf: I'm thinking...

Avon/Wolf (stretch): Alright. It might work.

Avon/Wolf: Why do I do this to myself?

Argus/Wolf: Reya, are you ready?
Reya/Wolf: Argus.
Avon/Wolf (grumble): I can't stand this. Where's Cally?

Argus/Wolf briefs the team.

Argus/Wolf fights the enemy leader

Fighting the Federation! And Winning!

The Federation troops run away!

Argus/Wolf howls in victory!

Argus/Wolf: Great work team!

Argus/Wolf: Are you alright, Reya?

Argus/Wolf kisses Reya/Wolf

Reya/Wolf: That tickles. Is that all you think of?

Argus/Wolf whispers something.

Argus and Reya.

Avon/Wolf: Cally?
Cally/Wolf: Yes, Avon?

Sester/Wolf moans piteously. He claims he got a splinter during the mission...
Kirsten/Wolf and Jenna/Wolf come to his rescue...
Avon Wolf 2
13th-Oct-2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
Sester and a splinter
Hehe. He is so manipulative...but cute. You want to slap him but then...well...
14th-Oct-2009 07:46 am (UTC)
You want to slap him but then he puts on his sincere lost orphan look and you just can't. Which makes you even more annoyed because you suspect this was his intent all along. Mab says no one can ever beat Sester on those grounds except Kirsten so why try?

Instead they plan to space his clothes and chase him round the ship. Moral of the story: pick your battleground? :P
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