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Argus/Wolf scouts out the enemy

Argus/Wolf: Avon, I have a plan.
Avon/Wolf: I'm busy.
Argus/Wolf: Is Cally in there with you?

Avon/Wolf: Alright, what is this plan?

Avon/Wolf: You're kidding?

Argus/Wolf: If we do it this way...

Argus/Wolf: And I'll go in first...

Argus/Wolf: What do you think?

Avon/Wolf: I'm thinking...

Avon/Wolf (stretch): Alright. It might work.

Avon/Wolf: Why do I do this to myself?

Argus/Wolf: Reya, are you ready?
Reya/Wolf: Argus.
Avon/Wolf (grumble): I can't stand this. Where's Cally?

Argus/Wolf briefs the team.

Argus/Wolf fights the enemy leader

Fighting the Federation! And Winning!

The Federation troops run away!

Argus/Wolf howls in victory!

Argus/Wolf: Great work team!

Argus/Wolf: Are you alright, Reya?

Argus/Wolf kisses Reya/Wolf

Reya/Wolf: That tickles. Is that all you think of?

Argus/Wolf whispers something.

Argus and Reya.

Avon/Wolf: Cally?
Cally/Wolf: Yes, Avon?

Sester/Wolf moans piteously. He claims he got a splinter during the mission...
Kirsten/Wolf and Jenna/Wolf come to his rescue...
Tags: b7 fanfic

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