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B7 The Ends: The Self Divided - Chapter 20

Category: Action, Drama
Rating: PG (Warning for violence)
1st Story of From the Ends to the Beginning

Introduction: The crew fights back, the next part. A short but event-filled chapter.

Note: Another Avon and Wolf pic courtesy of darrowsgirl ;)
Added another Avon and Wolf pic courtesy of darrowsgirl. I like this one even better.

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The Thaarn's finger touched the button that would crush Avon's ship. The Wolf burst into the dimly lit gravity control room with a deadly snarl on its face.

The little god screeched, "How did you get in here?"

The Wolf did not see any weapons on the Thaarn but instinct told it this was a dangerous creature. The enemy. It had to be killed. Wolf would have preferred rending its flesh with the sharp knife but it had been trained to use more lethal weapons too. It raised the handgun.

The Thaarn flicked his fingers and the gun flew out of the Wolf's hand. The Thaarn and his brothers were the ones who had given the gift of psi abilities to the Auronar. He had the full complement, including telekinesis.

The creature growled and launched itself at him, its knife glinting red in the instrument light.

The Thaarn pushed out both hands. The Wolf jerked in midair, as if it was a puppet whose strings had just been pulled, and was sent flying backwards, smashing into the wall with a loud thud. The Wolf yelped in pain, as its shoulder was dislocated with the impact. It fell, the knife clattering to the ground as it held its wounded shoulder.

The Wolf got up slowly, its teeth bared and a low bass rumble, like an approaching storm, formed at the centre of its being.

The Thaarn found his hands were shaking. He had never faced a creature like this before, its eyes held death for those who dared to look into them.

Wolf, we must stop him. Argus's voice was faint.

One will not stop, said the Wolf as it bent at the knees and leaped at the Thaarn again. The Thaarn clapped his hands together and the Wolf dropped like a stone, its howl of agony deafening as it grabbed its head and writhed on the ground.

Wolf, you have to get up, Argus’s faint voice came to it again

The Wolf exhaled harshly and rolled onto its knees, one hand reaching for the fallen knife, and its wounded arm held slightly away from the body with the forearm turned outward. Shadows played across a face twisted in pain, and in this kneeling position, in the dim light, it seemed more like a real wolf. The gathering rumble in its chest burst forth in a growl of anger and defiance as it went at the Thaarn with the instrument of death in its hand again.

The Thaarn staggered back. He could not believe the creature was still advancing. "Don't come any closer or I'll kill them all!" His hand hovered threateningly over the button that would destroy the Justice.

It's a lie. He's going to kill them anyway. You have to stop him!

The Thaarn's finger lowered, it was nearly touching the button.


"It's ready now, Avon," said Kirsten.

"Activate it!"

Kirsten pushed the red button and Avon screamed, his hands going to the back of his head as his knees buckled.

Kirsten's mouth dropped open in horror and she automatically moved to turn the device off. Sester shouted, "No! Leave it on!"

"But, Avon…" she prevaricated, her finger still hovering over the button to turn it off as Avon moaned on the ground.

"Leave it on!" Sester came over and put his hand over hers. "Avon said 'no matter what happens'."

Kirsten looked at the groaning man on the ground as comprehension dawned. "You mean he knew this would happen?"

"He probably suspected. He has the precursor to psi abilities. If this device acts on the psi centres of the brain, it was possible he would be affected too. We can't turn it off until Cally is rescued. I'll hold this, you help Avon."


The Thaarn's hands flew to the sides of his head and he screeched as agony ripped through his brain. He fell to his knees.

Elsewhere on the ship, pain wrenched Cally from her enforced slumber. She screamed and her hands clutched at her head as the psi wave seemed to punch through her mind.

Unfortunately, the Thaarn's mind was stronger than any of theirs. He pulled himself up - even as his head felt as if it were about to split in two - and reached towards the button again. The vengeful god only had one thought, one act to perform.

With the Thaarn's psi abilities disabled, the Wolf was free to act. It rushed forward and rammed the Thaarn in the side, sending him crashing to the ground, and without a second thought sliced his throat. The blood spurted out and like a hot fountain of red, sprayed the Wolf in the face. The self-declared god of the Auronar gurgled his last wet breath and his shocked eyes closed forever.

The Wolf lifted its head and howled in victory as the blood trickled down like a badge of triumph painted on its bare chest.

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