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B7 The Ends: The Self Divided - Chapter 19

Category: Action, Drama
Rating: Gen
1st Story of From the Ends to the Beginning

Introduction: The crew fights back.

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Jenna turned her head a bit to glance at the Wolf as she led the way to the teleport section. He looked just like Argus. Of course, he was on the outside.

The Wolf's ears pricked up alertly, its eyes were keen and the nose twitched occasionally as it sniffed. The muscles ripped smoothly as it moved, walking erect like a man, on light feet and the confidence of a creature at the height of its powers.

"Can I speak to Argus?" she asked as they neared their destination.

The Wolf's voice was a comforting low rumble as it turned to answer her. "One is not here."

Jenna's breath caught in her throat. The creature's eyes were mesmerizing, almost as if it could see into her soul.

Did it like what it saw? Jenna broke her gaze and shook her head slightly. What a ridiculous thought. The creature wasn't even real; it was a construct inside Argus's mind. "You've taken over his body?"

"One is not here," the creature replied as they entered the teleport room. It looked on in amusement but did not resist when Jenna took its sinewy arm and snapped a teleport bracelet around the wrist.

The Wolf brought its arm up and studied the object curiously. "One does not require adornment."

Jenna took another bracelet from the tray. This ship had a full complement unlike the Liberator, which seemed to have an increasingly shrinking supply due to one reason or another. "It's not decoration. It will bring you over to the Thaarn's ship." She hoped.

"Rrrr?" the Wolf asked in confusion as it rotated the bracelet on its wrist, not understanding how this was possible.

"Here, take this one." Jenna handed the other one to the Wolf. "Put one on Cally's wrist once you find her and press this..." She pointed out the comm button. "When you want to come back. Do you understand?"

The Wolf wrapped its fingers around the bracelet and gave a wolfish exhale. "One does not understand but one will help the pack."

She didn't know why but she said, "Thank you."

The creature shook its head. "One does not require thanks."

Jenna had a sudden desire to pet the Wolf but held back. She might lose a few fingers if it didn't like it.

Crossing around behind the teleport controls and sitting down, she looked down at the locator panel. Her brows knitted in worry. Avon had said to trust her eyes. Well, she was and there wasn't anything to see yet. This had better not be an exercise in futility.


Avon leaned back against his seat, trying to ignore the complaints of his tired body. At times, he felt like an ancient rusty android whose joints creaked.

They had to do this now. "Kirsten, are you ready?"

"Yes, Avon."

Sester was standing near him. "Is there anything I can do? Other than keep out of your way?"

Avon turned an impassive face to him. There was a determined set to his voice. "Keep the device on until Cally has been rescued. No matter what happens."

The psychostrategist looked at him sharply as his instincts gave him a warning tug. He nodded. "Alright."


The Thaarn was getting a very bad feeling as he watched the scenes on the other ship. Avon was confident, they were preparing to come to his ship even though he couldn't see how and something in Avon's voice had sent shivers up and down the little god's spine.

He had to destroy the ship now! There was no time to waste. He jumped off his throne and rushed to the gravity control room.


Avon placed both hands on his control panel, steadying himself for what might happen. He had no doubts this would work. The only unknown was the side effect. "Zen, execute manual instruction sequence 221."

The tired computer voice responded, "Confirmed."

The screen flared brightly as cones of multi-coloured rays radiated out from the ship in all directions. Sester, shielding his eyes, pointed with surprise, "I see it! Left side." The Thaarn's ship was now visible as the rays reacted with the energies shielding it.

Avon shouted, "Now, Kirsten!"

Kirsten slid the switch up. Her finger poised over the red button as the device built up power.


The Thaarn punched the controls viciously as he configured the gravity generator to destroy Avon's ship. His hand went to his head in shock. Psi waves. He could feel them nearby. Pushing out his awareness reassured him that Cally was still asleep.

There was another Auronar nearby? But the planet with the last of them was not in this Sector. He'd been able to extract that information from Cally's mind and was planning to make them a little visit. He was particularly interested in the children.

The waves were…no, it couldn't be. They were not sentient. Avon's device. The human must be planning to…

For the first time since this began, the Thaarn had a smidgeon of concern. He bent to his task in earnest. Just one more configuration and the single press of a button and Avon would be dead, along with everyone on his ship.

The generator was ready. He spared a moment to chuckle and imagine how Avon would look crushed. Unfortunately, Avon wouldn't be able to see what was happening to him. Regrettable, but even a god couldn't have everything he wanted.


The Wolf stood in readiness on the teleport platform, a knife in one hand and a pulse handgun in the other. Around its waist was a utility belt for carrying the extra teleport bracelet. Standing nearly naked, he was an impressive creature with thick muscles proportioned like some statues of the perfect, and utterly fictional, male physique. She constantly had to remind herself to stop staring but it wasn’t easy. Argus had always been easy on the eyes and she would never admit it but she'd always wondered…

Jenna's eyes widened as the Thaarn's ship appeared on her locator screen. With practiced movements, she positioned the locator cursor. "I'm sending you over now!" The Wolf barely had time to growl a reply before the teleport energies surrounded it.


The Wolf sneezed and nearly fell over as it staggered in surprise at the sudden change in its surroundings. Its quick reflexes saved it from an unseemly position. Its hackles rose and it was instantly on alert. Danger shouted at it. The enemy was near.

A cackling sound. The Wolf took off like a bolt of lightning.


Avon said impatiently, "What's the reading?"

Kirsten's fingers were tight around the device as she waited. "Just a little more. Ninety percent. Does it have to be at maximum?"

"Yes," Avon's voice rose. "Anything less and it might not be strong enough. We can't risk it. What's the reading now?"

"Ninety-one. Why couldn't we prepare the machine before? Turn it on at least?" asked Kirsten.

He would have preferred to test the machine too but there was never any time. "It would have alerted the Thaarn. He has other weapons at his disposal." Avon growled and his hand slapped the panel in frustration, "It shouldn't be taking this long."

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