Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Take this job and...oh wait, I don't have a job anymore...bleah...

I'm not in a good mood today. Not depressed. Just angry. Well, maybe angry and depressed. Not enough to stop writing but enough to want to vent.

I'm a senior systems analyst. A working one until over a month ago. I really don't understand how the higher corporate mind works. Okay, yes I do and that part of it is what makes me angry. But I also don't.

We were given pay cuts earlier in the year. It was to span the entire company, including the top execs. Well, I thought, at least they're fair. They're willing to, well maybe not slum it like the rest of us but they are amenable to taking one less vacation this year. For once a decision that makes them seem human.

Until, on publicly available information, we found out that the pay cuts, 5-15%, don't affect the bonuses of the execs. If the salaries of the very top exec is in the millions, guess what his bonus is? Any guesses? 40 million. Yes, 40. Million. I could work my entire life and not make that much. So, what's this about equity and taking it on the chin like the rest of us?

And the man had the gall to say that we were all given a choice about the pay cuts. Bull, no one asked us.

But what can you do, its either that or people start getting laid off.

Oh, and the piece de resistance? The company actually made billions in profit in the first quarter, before the pay cuts were announced. WTF!

Now, months later, they start laying people off, including moi. We all have the privilege of becoming one of the nameless statistics.

And the damned company is still making billions in profit!

Yes, I know the bonuses are tied to share prices. But, in these tough economic times, does it make any long-term sense to send people out on the streets to add to the situation when what you want is the economy to improve? How does making people destitute do that exactly?

Oh, right, the big cats will get their bonuses. They won't be destitute. And that's all that counts.

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