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B7 Perceptions: The Jenna Option

The current Perceptions of Truth story (and the Perceptions stories) is drawing to a close. One, perhaps two chapters remain, depending on how the characters (mainly Avon) react.

There is one outstanding decision to be made and that would be...what to do with Jenna. As a result, I have created a poll.

Poll #1447508 The Jenna Option

The jury's verdict...should Jenna be...

Executed for her crimes?
Spend the rest of life on an Athol penal facility?
Spend some time on an Athol penal facility and then be allowed to return to the ship.
Be allowed to return to the ship.
Other. Please specify below.

For those who chose option 3 or 4, what would you like Jenna to do in order to make it up to Avon, Cally and Reya? For those who chose option 5, what would you suggest should happen to Jenna?

For those who wish to know, there is another series planned following this one (From the Ends to the Beginning). It will follow various storylines introduced in Perceptions. We will continue to explore what happened to the boyz after they left the Academy and continue with the various conspiracies (Servalan, Venner, the Academy people).

There were two curious points in chapter 31. One dealing with what happened in the security logs from Gauda Prime, the second concerns Sester's assessment of what is going on. But those will be made clear later.
Tags: b7 fanfic

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