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New Patterns and Old Friends Stories Synopsis

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Story One: New Patterns and Old Friends  (Complete)

It is six months after GP. Avon has been 'enjoying' Federation hospitality, courtesy of his hated enemy, Servalan. The once deposed Federation President has regained her position and is even more powerful than ever as she seeks to reclaim and expand the glory of the old Federation.

Everyone wants to find Orac and only Avon knows where he hid it, which has made his life extremely uncomfortable as first Servalan, and then a new band of rebels try to obtain the information from him.   No one succeeds. But will a new deadly psychostrategist employed by Servalan be able to succeed where others have failed?

Vila is operating as a master thief under the alias of Gan Lason and one of his jobs leads to new band of rebels, and an unexpected old friend.
Story Two: Broken Things  (Complete)
The new crew doesn't start out well and things go steadily downhill as Servalan sets her deadly sights on Avon.
Story Three: Fighting Back  (Complete)
Servalan continues to rule the day. Avon is now under her control and is reluctantly working to expand her personal empire. The rest of crew is hunted from system to system in their badly damaged ship.
None of them are willing to accept defeat though and soon they are all fighting back.
Story Four: Hidden Things  (Complete)
Begins with Avon shooting Argus, then things get steadily worse.
Story Five: Needs are Never Simple  (Complete)
Servalan starts out being very pleased with the results of what happened to Avon in the last story. She begins to re-think what she really needs from him; but of course with Servalan, things are never that simple.
Avon is not in much of a shape to present any resistance at the moment. He may need help.
The rest of the crew is approaching Sector Ten. Then things start getting interesting...
And is anyone out there looking to rescue Avon at all?
Story Six: Playing Dangerous Games (Complete)

Everyone is moving towards a goal as the crew of the Justice get more embroiled in the goings on in Sector Ten. Argus is still off on his own. His journey has been complicated so far and his life is about to get even more complicated. Cally goes undercover.
Avon and Servalan start out with an even more confused relationship than normal after what happened in the last story.
Vila starts a strange journey of his own.
Psychostrategist Sester decides to play a dangerous game.
Story Seven:  The Improbability Zone (Complete) 

Avon is scheming again. Psychostrategist Sester is deep in strategy. 

Is Servalan being played or is she playing her own dangerous game?

Argus and Reya continue their game with each other; while her brother, Borel tries to stave off disaster. 

Jenna, Cally and Vila are trying to save the day. 

Ellis Reve is the big bad. But is he the only one? 

Will Kameron Reve be reunited with his true love?

ORAC is being blocked at every turn, but does this mean that Avon is lost? Or does Avon's scheme have something to do with this?


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