Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Hello from New Brunswick

Just crossed the border from Quebec to New Brunswick. At the visitor centre. Love these free internet access.

Lots of beautiful scenery but haven't had a chance to get out except for short breaks and meals.

EDIT: Arrived at the hotel in New Brunswick just in time to catch a beautiful sunset over the water. After a day of enjoying the inside of a bus, I'm looking forward to all the scenic sites tomorrow.

The air in NB is sweet and free of polllution, which is a novel thing for someone who has lived in cities most of here life and moves from city to city. Lots of greenery all around. Hills off in the distance rather than a mountain of tall buildings. We stopped off to see Grand Falls. Not as large as Niagara Falls but still beautiful. That's it for now until tomorrow.

Tags: vacation 2009

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